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September 2013 Is The New Begin of DOW JONES Bear?

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Before we talk about the direction of Dow Jones Industrial Average, lets talk about how we came out with the prediction?

Inspired by Yi Jing or I-Ching, also known as “The Book of Change”. there is an impressive book created during Song Dynasty of China by philosopher Shao Yong titled “Book of Supreme World Ordering Principles”. This book is exceptionally powerful because its predictions were able to completely and orderly match the significant events that happened in our world’s history. The time period of its content covered a total of 86,400 years (from BCE 40017 to CE 46383).

Like Mayan’s Calendar, this book had organized the time frame of our world into Yuan (Cycle), Hui (Meeting), Yun (Period), Shi (Generation), and Nian (Year). 

1 Yuan (Cycle) = 12 Hui
1 Hui (Meeting) = 30 Yun
1 Yun (Period) = 12 Shi
1 Shi (Generation) = 30 Nian (Years)

In summary, this book assigned a hexagram (Yi Jing’s Gua) to every calendar year. Based on the hexagrams, we can use our Yi Jing knowledge to make prediction on important and influential events to be occurred every year in our world.

Sixty-Four-Gua-Square-Round Diagram by cheongsoonhaur

To make it simple, the assigned hexagram for year 2013 is named “Yi” Gua (颐卦), means Jaw. Its hexagram is formed by a trigram of Mountain on top and a trigram of Thunder at the bottom. The entire “Yi” Gua or Jaw Gua describes eating or chewing related matter. In order to apply for the prediction purpose particularly between 23 August 2013 to 22 October 2013, this “Yi” Gua is required to be morphed into another Gua which is named “Yic” Gua (益卦). Its hexagram is form by a Wind trigram on top and a Thunder trigram at the bottom.

“Yic” Gua or “Benefit” Gua overall describes the situation of offering advantages and distributing benefits to the public and social. So meaning that between 23 August 2013 to 22 October 2013, this must be a truthfully good moment for the public in our world, right? Perhaps not that simple… 

Yi Jing is very fantastic and comprehensive which is very much similar to binary code. The Binary code consisted only number one & number zero but the combination of numerous one & zero enabled us to view many marvelous graphic. Same in Yi Jing, despite the hexagram only comes with combination of Yin stick & Yang stick, but we can obtain our own forecast or prediction, provided that we must “visualize” it.

Only by visualization of the hexagram will enable us to acquire the important useful message hidden behind these Yin Yang sticks.

So how we visualize the “Yic” Gua ?

See how I’d visualized “Yic” Gua on my smart phone using my imagination:

Astonishing Mouth by cheongsoonhaur

I named this visual as the “Astonishing-Mouth”. This visual was shared out to my VIP client list on 19th August 2013 and I only publicized it’s hint on twitter dated 25th August 2013.  

What is the “Astonishing-Mouth” means?

Astonishing-Mouth is you opened large your mouth while being astonished. This is our further elaboration: “there will be countless and unstoppable events going to be happened which can always astonish and surprise the world out of sudden from 23 August 2013 to 22 October 2013”.  

Astonish Mouth DOW Slump

Syria incident on 24th August; DOW Jones bloodbath on 26th & 27th August; Obama plans to strike Syria; U.S. Treasury 10-Year Note hit 2.90% & its rare -2.95% REPO Rates; withdrawal of QE; etc, is there more to come? 

Regardless of whatever famous Feng Shui masters forecast mentioned that the second half of year 2013 is a better half, we always think differently. We think that the second half of the year is bad. In fact, more precisely it will begin from 23 August until 22 October. We believe there will be a lot of astonishing surprises pay us their visits even after 22 October because we’d already visualized the prediction for the period between 23 October 2013 to 22 December 2013! We’ll share with you by then.

So now, will the DOW Jones be one of those astonishing event? Will DOW Jones begins its bearish journey to south? I believe all of us will only open our big mouth and stoned… if only something really terrible and unexpected occurred in the stock market. Hence, we believe DOW Jones will begin to collapse sharply and hastily! On bright side, you might look at it as a strong correction.

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May the great lucks always be with you…



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