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2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 5/6): The Thirsting Glass Again?

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This is the 5th article in the 2014 Financial Crisis? series. This time, we’ll make it short and sweet.
As usual, we base on the powerful knowledge of #YiJing (Book of Change), the resonated hexagram (Gua) for year 2014 is “Zoon” Gua (屯卦).  As refreshment, “Zoon” Gua carries the meaning of troubles and the harsh beginning for changes, the change is difficult and will either cause or encounter many challenges.
For the period between late August 2014 and late October 2014, the “Zoon” Gua will transform to “Foo” Gua (复卦). “Foo” Gua should sound familiar because we had discussed the same Gua before in this article: “2013 Year End Will Be Nothing Left In A Thirsting Glass For DOW Jones?”  Hence, the performance of global stock market is merely the same as explained in that article. 
Cheong Soon Haur and HAUR Feng Shui® have to alert you now, if you had learned and mastered the knowledge of YiJing then use it for prediction just like other conventional Feng Shui celebrities, you’ll be in deep dangers and loss faith in metaphysics! 


Stay tuned for our continuous Financial Crisis Series! 

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