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2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 4/6): The Tofu Presser

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Once again, we had precisely predicted the momentum of global stock market in our article: “2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 3/6): The Boiling Pot“. As usual, we are now releasing the article of prediction between end June and end August for public reading one month after our private publication sent to our VVIP clients. If you find our application of YiJing is powerful and very different from others, kindly share out your preferred articles generously. Enjoy reading the fourth article now:
“We’re happy to know that many of you had shifted your equities to physical precious metals in the beginning of June! We think you’re making a rightful investment strategic! If you wonder to know why? Perhaps, this is the article you must not miss today! Let us give you a very quick YiJing review now!
Tofu Presser cheongsoonhaur
Everyone by now should be very familiar that base on the powerful knowledge of #YiJing (Book of Change), the resonated hexagram (Gua) for year 2014 is “Zoon” Gua (屯卦).  As we kept repeated in all the previous prediction, you should recall the “Zoon” Gua carries the meaning of troubles and the harsh beginning for changes, the change is difficult and will either cause or encounter many challenges.
For the period between late June 2014 and late August 2014, the “Zoon” Gua will be changed into “Sweet” Gua (随卦). “Sweet” Gua has a direct meaning of “follow” and “harmony”. “Sweet” Gua in YiJing is a lucky hexagram denoting ecstasy and benefits; its multiplication of delights and returns are base on the quantum of actions and efforts contributed. Thus, “Sweet” Gua had hinted there should be countless joyful voices accompanied by profitability visiting us, the more you invest your money, the more money and smiles you can earn. What a great moment, right?
Cheong Soon Haur and HAUR Feng Shui® have to alert you now, if you had learned and mastered the knowledge of YiJing then use it for prediction just like other conventional Feng Shui celebrities, you’ll be in deep dangers and loss faith in metaphysics! 
HAUR Feng Shui® visualized the “Sweet” Gua as The Tofu Presser – “The pressing mechanism that squeeze out all the water from a moist plump protein-rich tofu (bean curd), making the tofu dry and hard before frying or grilling it!”  Our visual is shown in the following info-graphics:

sui gua


If we analogize this to the world circumstances and global financial situations, we are suggesting: “Unexpected stressing and pressurizing occurrences will weight heavily on our daily life. The policymakers or leaders are pressing too hard from top-to-down on matters they believed and refuse to make changes or give-ways. Sum of all these, creating our world to become a gigantic tofu presser, pressing money and cheers out from us and from the financial markets. We are like the financial markets now, dry; hard and prepare to be fried and grilled soon!

Stay tuned for our continuous Financial Crisis Series! 

HAUR Feng Shui® is always different and standouts from all other Feng Shui schools.”


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