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2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 3/6): The Boiling Pot

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As we accurately predicted the rising stock market performance in our article: “2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 2/6): The Burning Lamp“, we”d continuously enlighten our VVIP clients with our third prediction on the last day of April. Once again, is time to release for your FREE reading now:
“It is marvelous to know most of you had made great money in either options or indices futures trading. Now, will you choose to keep your fingers crossed or put your bet and count on us?
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According to the powerful knowledge of #YiJing (Book of Change), the resonated hexagram (Gua) for year 2014 is “Zoon” Gua (屯卦).  As we repeatedly mentioned, “Zoon” Gua carries the meaning of troubles and the harsh beginning for changes, the change is difficult and will either cause or encounter many challenges.
For the period between late April 2014 and late June 2014, the “Zoon” Gua will be transformed to “Gigi” Gua (既济卦). “Gigi” Gua basically means everything is settled down and the worst has passed. This “Gigi” Gua itself generally suggested the uncertainties had vanished and every investment should be profitable. This time will our HAUR Feng Shui® agree with it? 
HAUR Feng Shui® visualized the “Gigi” Gua as The Boiling Pot – “The hot soup is boiling continuously inside a clay pot on top of a Chinese traditional charcoal stove.”  Our visual is shown in the following info-graphics:
The Boiling Pot


If we analogize this to the global economy and financial markets, we can bravely suggest that: “The global financial markets will again, keeping up its momentum to create new historical records. The steam rises high and fast then vanished quickly in the air. The soup inside the clay pot is drying continuously. Perhaps, there are still too many people adding water and charcoal into it. Sustaining the hot boiling and evaporation… Within this period of time, the steam is generated for DJIA, S&P500 and NASDAQ. Perhaps, automotive sector is a new bright focus? 

Stay tuned for our continuous Financial Crisis Series!  HAUR Feng Shui® is always different and standouts from all other Feng Shui schools.”


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May the auspicious Qi always be with you !!!

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