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2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 2/6): The Burning Lamp

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Everyone keep mailing us, asking why didn’t we release the long waited 2014 Financial Crisis Series? Well, it is always reasonable for us to release the first hand report to our valuable subscription clients. In the mid of February 2014, I’d forwarded all my VIP subscription clients our prediction of the US stock market for the period between mid February to mid April 2014. The prediction was a 180° reversal as described by some of our clients. The following is what was given to them:

In the last market prediction’s article: “2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 1/6): The Breaking Glass“, we seemed to hint that the bear is gaining momentum to roar and moving to hunt for the penguins. Though, is the changes in the current Gua suggest the South is too warm for the polar bears?    

As mentioned previously, based on the knowledge of #YiJing, the resonated hexagram (Gua) for year 2014 is “Zoon” Gua (屯卦).  “Zoon” carries the meaning of troubles and the harsh beginning for changes, the change is difficult and will cause or encounter many challenges. For the period between late February 2014 and late April 2014, the “Zoon” Gua will transform into  to “Jade” Gua (节卦). “Jade” Gua basically carries the meaning of overflows, runs off and burst. This “Jade” Gua itself actually advises people to save more money and prepare for bubbles in investment. Therefore, the financial crash is somewhere around soon, right? Again, as you’d already known, our HAUR Feng Shui always apply metaphysics analysis and predictions differently.

HAUR Feng Shui visualized the “Jade” Gua as The Burning Lamp – “An equipment that still able to provide you some warm and light as well as a little bit bright future as long as you fuel it.” 

Our visual is shown in the following info-graphics:

The Burning Lamp


If we analogize this to the global economy and financial markets, we can bravely suggest that: “The global financial markets will keep on its jiggle rising path because many someones gigantic are intentionally to supply monies for that push.”

burning lamp featured image

Perhaps, the heat of lamp is still preventing the DJIA, S&P500 and NASDAQ to release their bears for hunt for penguins…

Stay tuned for our continuous Financial Crisis Series! 

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