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2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 1/6): The Breaking Glass

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With the powerful windows dressing, the investment banks and fund management companies must had shown out-performance in 2013. All the fund managers and had acquired remarkable year-end bonus money. Before the Christmas celebration last year, where almost all indices in the world, especially DJIA, S&P500 and NASDAQ hit historical new high, I’d actually warned all my VIP clients who subscribed for my financial market prediction, beware of the stock market meltdown between late December 2013 and late February 2014. I think is the right time to share with all my readers what had i told them now. 

In my previous article: “2013 Year End Will Be Nothing Left In A Thirsting Glass For DOW Jones?“, I disclosed that the US stock market was in a situation like an empty thirty glass, waited to be filled full. It was unquestionable US indices had led world indices to hit new record high. However, did you really earned money from that? Is your empty glass filled with fresh juice or poison? Frankly, significant numbers of my VIP clients abandoned me when DJIA, S&P500 and NASDAQ kept reaching new high but conclusively all of them had returned to my school, bringing even more admirers. Why? Simple, they can even lost money when the stock indices hitting new high!    

Based on the knowledge of #YiJing, the resonated hexagram (Gua) for year 2014 is “Zoon” Gua (屯卦).  “Zoon” carries the meaning of troubles and the harsh beginning for changes, the change is difficult and will cause or encounter many challenges. For the period between late December 2013 and late February 2014, the “Zoon” Gua will transform into  to “Be” Gua (比卦). “Be” Gua basically is an auspicious hexagram that contains the message of symbiosis, inter-dependable, helpfulness, and companions. This “Be” Gua itself is a good profitable sign for investment. So, this means everything great? Stock markets continue to ride on rockets? Well, as you’d already known, our HAUR Feng Shui always apply metaphysics analysis and predictions differently.

HAUR Feng Shui visualized the “Be” Gua as The Breaking Glass – “A thirsting glass filled with 90% of water but its bottom begun to break and the water is draining out, hasty and unstoppable.” 

Our visual is shown in the following info-graphics:

2014 Prediction Part 1

If we analogize this to the global economy and financial markets, we can bravely suggest that: “The global equity markets will soon to have meltdown; profits will be eroded; the money supplies will be tightened; and the volcano of interest rate will be activated. All these will started to be seen between late December 2013 and late February 2014.”

Perhaps, the DJIA, S&P500 and NASDAQ will release their bears and begin the long walk to hunt for penguins…

HAUR FS - glass breaking

Stay tuned for our continuous Financial Crisis Series! 

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