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2013 Year End Will Be Nothing Left In A Thirsting Glass For DOW Jones?

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So whats next on Dow Jones Industrial Average (#DJIA)? There will be another moving cycle for #DJIA from October 23rd until before Christmas base on a #Yijing wonder book created during Song Dynasty of China by philosopher Shao Yong titled “Book of Supreme World Ordering Principles”.

According to this book, the resonated hexagram for year 2013 is called “Yi” Gua (颐卦), which also means Jaw. Its hexagram is formed by a trigram of Mountain on top and a trigram of Thunder at the bottom. The entire “Yi” Gua or Jaw Gua describes the attitudes and reactions related to eating or chewing. To apply for the prediction between 23 October 2013 to 22 December 2013, this “Yi” Gua is now to be transformed into a Gua which is named “Foo” Gua (复卦). The structure of this “Foo” Gua is an Earth trigram stands above a Thunder trigram as the foundation.

“Foo” Gua or “Recovery” Gua overall describes the path and features of recovering. As usual, ordinary Feng Shui Consultants will read it as the begin of recuperating moments for stock market between 23 October 2013 to 22 December 2013, every problems and financial obstacles seems having their ways out. What a joyful month for capitalists, right? 

Foo Gua

What about the advanced Feng Shui consultants? How will they read this Gua?

The “Foo” Gua seemed to be looked like a “U” shape. It means “Up”. Some also in the opinion it looked either like a “U” turn up or a “U” shape technical chart of indices. In summary, most of the advanced Feng Shui consultant will read it as the sign of recovery and uptrend for global stock market.

Perhaps… again, we read it differently… 

As we mentioned before, Yi Jing is very fascinating and comprehensive which is very much give birth to the binary code. The Binary code consisted only number 1 & number 0 but the combination of numerous 1 & 0 enabled us to create a growing digital world. Similarly in Yi Jing, although the hexagram only consisted with the combination of Yin stick & Yang stick, but we can obtain our own forecast or prediction, provided that we must “visualize” it correctly.

Only by visualizing the hexagram will lead us to obtain the accurate and significant useful message hidden behind these Yin Yang sticks.

So how we visualize the “Foo” Gua ?

See how I’d visualized “Foo” Gua, the following is the respective image of my  imagination (and I’d mirrored it):

empty glass

I named this visual as the “Thirsting Glass”

What is “Thirsting Glass” means? 

We imagined “Foo” Gua as an empty glass without any water inside it. Everyone is thirsty now but nothing left inside the empty glass for us to drink. Everyone is holding their empty glasses and expecting optimistically to be refilled with refreshing juices or waters…

To read this “Foo” Gua accurately, we must also analyse the next Gus. The “Foo” Gua is the ending Gua of year 2013, so the next Gua which controls the entire 2014 will be “Tune” Gua (屯卦). “Tune” Gua means full water storage.

So how to relate the “Foo” Gua with “Tune” Gua?

Means the emtpy Thirstiing Glasses will be refilled full of water?

This is the critical part hidden the key to open the billion dollars vault. We’ll share with you in the next prediction. 

Our further elaboration on the Thirsting Glass: “There will be continuously countless disappointing events going on and lack of bull market elements but everyone has been immune and ignores the fact that bear is gaining momentum. Peoples are highly confident to believe all the problems will be resolved soon and expect another long rally which they cannot foresee pitfalls are awaiting from 23 October 2013 to 22 December 2013.”  

DOW Jones slumped more than 900 points from 15,709 in September to 14,776 points in early October. However, the DOW had regained its territory of almost 600 points when the world believed the US government will resolve the debt limit problem last night.

Is the recent fall only a correction of long bull? Or the recent rally just another technical rebound before the bear continue its journey?

The Thirsting Glass had given us the clue…

All the empty glasses are expected to be refilled by unlimited water from a big storage tank in front, but who knows when and will the storage tank burst before it can refill our empty glass?

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May the great lucks always be with you…



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