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HAUR FENG SHUI ® Protection Against Financial Crisis 2015 - 2017
Too many people did not believe when we first launched this service in late 2015. Countless industry peers took us as a joke and humiliated us. But now all of them begin to believe...

On January 4, China's Stock market had plunged 7% within 7 minutes, shook the world (Bloomberg, 2016). Same day, The World's Five Richest People Lost $8.7 Billion in Monday's Selloff!!!

The Stocks of the second largest economy, China had sunk tremendously over the few weeks during late 2015 since the last rebound in July 2015. Despite another surprise rate cut by PBOC in the last evening, it could not save China's stocks from extended steepest five days slumps since 1996 . Shanghai Composite Index had just broke below the critical level of 3,000 points.

Similar situation went to Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and NASDAQ. These indices had begun attracted by the gravity since August, 17. The roller coaster trend since 1,000 point slumps of DJIA on August, 24 are pushing the US Stocks towards the journey of correction, perhaps a sudden free fall!

So what now?

China's economy is slowing down; European countries even German is struggling now along with another few countries facing condition similar to Greeceby end of the year but with much greater economy size; yet, with the strong US Dollar and affirmative on rate hike by the FED this year, do you believe turbulence and perfect storm is coming?

The time to groom the sheep has come! FED is not working for public! Your money is in danger!!!

So what now?

If you had subscribed our VVIP membership, you already tasting the large amount of sugar inside the lotus seed!

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HAUR FENG SHUI ® Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui™

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HAUR FENG SHUI ® Permenant Effective Wealth Feng Shui Sector Determination
Why same house, same location, same design, same door direction and same layout while others enjoy marvelous fortune but NOT you!?

Many people frustrated with their Feng Shui Master because unable to create wealth and fortune even what they bought for was "Water Feng Shui" or "Feng Shui for Money".

All these frustrated and hopeless people had finally came to us via the introduction of our loyal clients. Surprisingly, throughout our analysis and diagnosis, we found ONE major mistake in common - all their Feng Shui consultants were actually using the "Nominal Wealth Sector" . All of them either incorrectly or incompetently to determine their client's lifetime "Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui™ Sector" in any building. Thus, how can Feng Shui create wealth for them effectively?

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