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2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 5/6): The Thirsting Glass Again?

written by Cheong Soon Haur This is the 5th article in the 2014 Financial Crisis? series. This time, we’ll make it short and sweet. As usual, we base on the powerful knowledge of #YiJing (Book of Change), the resonated hexagram (Gua) for year 2014 is “Zoon” Gua (屯卦).  As refreshment, “Zoon”...
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2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 3/6): The Boiling Pot

written by Cheong Soon Haur As we accurately predicted the rising stock market performance in our article: “2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 2/6): The Burning Lamp“, we”d continuously enlighten our VVIP clients with our third prediction on the last day of April. Once again, is time to release for your FREE reading now:...
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