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Bedroom Feng Shui – Ideas To Boost Relationship & Love

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The Common Relationship Problems

“There are extremely too many people having relationship problems today! Throughout my experiences, do you know that one of the major reasons among all of us who seek for Feng Shui consultation is primarily due to relationship problem!”

Believe it or not, most of them are either handsome or beautiful individual with great net worth!

Make it simple, I’d simplified those relationship problems or failures into the following categories:

  • Desperately but unable to have any dating
  • Desperately but unable to get into any long term relationship
  • Unable to convert current relationship to marriage
  • Deteriorating marriage relationship
  • Deteriorating sexual desire in marriage 


Bedroom Feng Shui

Money, Education, Communication  Skills are NOT The Core Root Causes!

With the advancement of technology and comprehensive of resources today, people already can easily

  • Earn more spending money and have financial freedom to enjoy dating and relationship
  • Have too many social networking platform to communicate with others
  • Opportunities to meet with many different partners via events organized by dating agencies/medium/webpage
  • Learned and mastered amazing skills in communications and able to interact productively with men/women via stunning training courses and great books
  • Achieve graduation at least at a college level 

Yet, too many people still pending the arrival of the core right factor to generate a good pro-long love relationship, fell under one of the problem category mentioned above. 



An Affair Always Begins With Dissatisfaction! 

For those who already in a relationship, do you really realize that actually all affair begins with the dissatisfaction with their  original love partners? More than 90% of the dissatisfaction are surprisingly usually NOT money, sex, education level and communication skills.

Then what? It is the emotion and tolerance to accept your partner’s difference in values and perspectives! 

So if you found you’re being cheated or you are actually cheating, you are actually repeatedly frustrated with his/hers value of life.

Even we know this, but why we still cannot avoid it and end up with stressful relationship problem?accept our partner’s value and being understanding that always create conflicts. 


Perhaps This Is Why…

Why is a beautiful woman or a handsome man with great net worth and brilliant communication skills yet unable to enjoy a good marriage life or even to get into a relationship? 


We can think of thousands of reasons or excuses! Perhaps, in my opinion, the is somehow something to do with Feng Shui. 

Yes! This is my experience with thousands of my clients!

I believe that Feng Shui plays a significant, important role in generating auspicious Chi for good relationship, which I called it the “Love Luck”.

Most of the people encounter failure in love relationship do not realize that they are actually living in a bed room without love luck! Some even worst still, the bed room is located in the sector of deteriorating love luck!

Living with the bad love luck in your bed room delivered the result of having hard time to attract love partners. Moreover, it will cause frequent quarrels and fighting between your love partner and yourselves.

There are too many Feng Shui tips to boost your love luck from the interior designer’s point of view.

Such as changing the color scheme to a romantic theme; dimming the lights for harmonic ambiance; putting some bamboo trees or water plants to attract Cupid, etc.

No doubt these methods are part of the puzzle but the most importantly core knowledge is to understand, identify, locate and make use of the Megrez Star in your bed room.

Specifically, your bed has to under the shelter of the Megrez Star. That is the key of everything. Else, those are supporting methods.


Where Is The Right Place For My Bed?

If you’d try all and every other possible method in the world to attract a relationship; to maintain a relationship; to avoid divorce; to get married; to pro-long a happy marriage, but ended up with full of anger and disappointment, why not try the Feng Shui way to rectify your problems?

Using HAUR Feng Shui‘s (what is this?) Sequencing Star Method (the only correct method to justify the location of Megrez Star in a house), I summarized all the location of the Megrez Star for houses in every sitting/facing direction. Based on this summary, we can easily shift our bed or bed room accordingly to acquire the guardian of the Megrez Star.

And the most wonderful part is, I’d made this into an eBook!

Yes! I decided to give them all out and share with you all the practical method that proven by thousands of results generated with all my clients in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, USA, UK, and Malaysia who came to me for private consultation.

I’d also compared the Sequencing Star Method with the commonly used Flying Star method (what is this?) . This is extremely useful for Feng Shui practitioners who are interested to study more.

If interested, check it out the following:

Boost Your Love Luck


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