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[Private Offer] HAUR Feng Shui® Offsite Analysis With FGCM™ Enhancement

USD2 999.00
[Private Offer]: HAUR Feng Shui® Offsite Analysis With FGCM™ Enhancement
Original Price: USD2,999 NOW!!!

  • This is a special private offers.
  • This is an offsite Feng Shui analysis with Five Ghost Carry Money enhancement for residential property only.
  • Five Ghost Carry Money™ (FGCM™) Method is a unique Feng Shui method to create immediate wealth opportunities.
  • FGCM is NOT a method of religious or phantom or spirit but an in-depth Feng Shui calculation and manipulation.
  • Our HAUR Feng Shui® FGCM™ knowledge had not been revealed in any books in the market and not even known by the Feng Shui celebrities that you’re famous with.
  • HAUR Feng Shui® FGCM™ is very sensitive and particular on the time of activation but in return, it creates results not exceeding 100 days. (In fact, is there any other Feng Shui celebrities dare to mention their effective time frame?)
  • This report requires minimum 30 days to be completed upon receiving sufficient information from you.
  • This is ONE-TIME Private Offer at Price USD2,999.00 with 2 installment payment.
  • The first payment of USD1,500.00 is upon confirmation of this purchase.
  • The second payment of USD1,499.00 is upon completion of the analysis report.
  • This is offer does not include the e-book of ‘HAUR Feng Shui®: The Real Five Ghost Carry Money Method For 2014™’
  • This is a special private offer and the purchaser is hereby agreed this is non-refundable due to either dissatisfaction or cancellation.
  • Upon verification, a request will be sent to you on the necessary information.

Installment Selection 1st Installment USD1,500
2nd Installment USD1499