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HAUR FENG SHUI ® Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui™

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HAUR FENG SHUI ® Permenant Effective Wealth Feng Shui Sector Determination
Why same house, same location, same design, same door direction and same layout while others enjoy marvelous fortune but NOT you!?

Many people frustrated with their Feng Shui Master because unable to create wealth and fortune even what they bought for was "Water Feng Shui" or "Feng Shui for Money".

All these frustrated and hopeless people had finally came to us via the introduction of our loyal clients. Surprisingly, throughout our analysis and diagnosis, we found ONE major mistake in common - all their Feng Shui consultants were actually using the "Nominal Wealth Sector" . All of them either incorrectly or incompetently to determine their client's lifetime "Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui™ Sector" in any building. Thus, how can Feng Shui create wealth for them effectively?

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Every Feng Shui school should have its own way of determining a person’s wealth sector in a building. However, we can tell you that almost every Feng Shui school in the market including the syllabus and books were wrong again! All of these schools are only using what we called “Nominal Wealth Sector”. In fact, for appropriate wealth Feng Shui setup, we should be using “Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui™ Sector”

A person’s Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui™ Sector in a building is extremely important. It is the mighty black hole to greedily suck whatever fortune available for you and as a highly armed vault to stockpile every treasures you seized. The Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui™ Sector of an individual is lifetime constant and unchanged regardless of whatever buildings. 

If your Feng Shui consultants were unable to accurately allocate your Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui™ sector, how could their Feng Shui setup can be applied on you correctly and help you to create great fortunes? 

Our HAUR Feng Shui ® Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui Sector Determination & Setup will help to:

  • precisely identify your personal permanent wealth Feng Shui sector and
  • enlighten you the accurate yet constant setup in your house in order for you to enjoy the great Feng Shui for wealth within a reasonable fast duration.

Master Cheong Soon Haur will personally and manually carry out all the mathematics and analysis by himself instead of using applications or delegate to his apprentices because he is committed to deliver the best for his clients who are always looking for great return on investment. He believed that only by doing it personally will precisely provide the best professional solutions for his clients.

  • Upon successful of purchase, immediately email us the layout of your house.
  • Then, the report will be generated within 72 hours (on First come first serve basis).
  • Immediately apply the solutions according to the report received.


Gender Male
Birth Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
Birth Time (HH:MM [am/pm])
Birth Location (City, Country)
Building Facing Direction E
Sub-Sector of Facing Direction 1 (left mountain)
2 (middle mountain)
3 (right mountain)

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