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Ultimate Feng Shui To Have Baby: Select The Right Houses

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Cute BabyThe Echo Boomers (Generation-Y) are entering marriage and family planning cycles now. Buying a new house is always the beginning of a journey on starting a new family life.

As a result, we must choose our own-stayed property wisely, especially for those who have great family planning. Wrongfully selecting a house can cause you having difficulties in conceiving babies, particularly baby boy.

In Period 8, there are certain sitting/facing direction of ahouse will cause difficulties in conceiving babies, especially baby boy!

Unless your Land Form Feng Shui of the house encourages generating new life can supersede this negative effects of compass Feng Shui, otherwise you’ll encounter unsuccessful natural baby making process. In fact, it is extremely difficult to have great Land Form Feng Shui today in urban cities today.

In every Period (also called “Yun” – cyclical Qi) such asPeriod8, there are always divided into Wind Period and Water Period. The Water Period is to determine how humongous ourwealth and opportunities whereas the Wind Period is to determine how well our health, heir and reputation. 

If you’re aware, the Wind Period is also known as the Mountain Period. Mountain Period is influencing the successful opportunities of having babies via the air and energy entering your house through the main entrance door.

The Water Period in Period 8 takes place from 2004 to 2024 while Mountain Period actually began since 1995 until 2016. Many people made mistakes here!

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So here is our precious tips tha
t help you
to make the right choice and avoid making regretful mistakes!

Using HAUR Feng Shui we had already identified houses that are inauspicious and prominently reduce your chances in having babies before 2016. Not only that, these house will also easily trigger serious arguments and quarrels among children (if you shift in from old house).

Please take strong attention beforefat-babybuying or renting the following house:

  • House facing all North, with main door at North sector.
  • House facing all East, with main door at Northeast sector.
  • House facing all Southwest, with main door at West sector. (only risks for having baby boy)
  • House facing all South, with main door at South sector. (only risks for having baby boy)

Stay away from the above mentioned houses as far as you can if you want to have cute babies!

Nothing else can be done to these houses in Feng Shui to cure this negative impacts even using space clearing, placing objects or build a water fountain EXCEPT changing the location of main door.

Please keep this valuable tips in mind when you are buying or renting a property for own-stay before year 2016.

In the event that more professional Feng Shui advices are required to personalize and customize your dream house, please visit HAUR Feng Shui Offsite Analysis.

May the auspicious Feng Shui Qi always be with you!


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