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Theresa May – Another Soon To Fall Heroine Leader

[written by] Master Cheong Soon Haur
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Good day! Just to share you a secret…

When the first day we posted the article: The Fall of Heroine Leader & The Rise of Hero Dictatorship, everyone around the world especially the peers laughed at us. Many readers had questioned us on our gender bias comment and asked us to admit our wrong prediction as well as to withdraw that article. Voices and complaints are as soft as thunder storms everywhere especially when Theresa May became the Prime Minister of United Kingdom. We never doubt at all, just like last time people thought that is the Earth centered in our solar system.

Slowly, everyone sees us predicted the truth as time gone by…

When Theresa May made her brilliant judgement to call for a snap election, the destiny is against her will! As we mentioned, female leaders are seen to be fallen like domino effect. One by one sooner or later will go without to much hesitation.

Even the popular super porn star in 90’s Pamela Anderson had also commented Theresa May is the worst Prime Minister in her living memory. (Independent, June 2017)

Today, Theresa May is facing great challenges in her leadership and caught in the both sides of BREXIT (The Sun, June 2017).

As you might already knew her political future, why still waste time to think what she can do ? It is better to think of who will be the next strongman who can lead United Kingdom for a successful BREXIT. 

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