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Rise Another Hero Leader In French: Macron Defeats Le Pen

[written by]  Master Cheong Soon Haur
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Since published, many readers are difficult to believe the article: The Fall of Heroine Leader & The Rise of Hero Dictatorship. But one-by-one, all the facts and events had turned up on our side without a single failure or hesitation!

Today, centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron has decisively won the French Presidential Election, defeating far-right candidate Marine Le Pen (French election: Macron defeats Le Pen to become president, May 2017)

Card showing results of French election

Marine Le Pen, who was once branded by the media as the French Donald Trump had just been added into our list: “The Hall of Fall For Heroine Leaders”. Marie Le Pen was once before the most favorable and outstanding candidate among others earlier this year. 

For now, everyone should be eyeing on the legendary mighty heroine leader – Chancellor Angela Dorothea Merkel. who is in power for 17 years since 2000.

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