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Successfully Make Baby Boy With HAUR’s Bedroom Feng Shui

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My previous Feng Shui Tips: “Feng Shui Tips: Avoid House That Make You Difficult To Have Babies!” had received tremendous feedback and responses from all readers around the world since published 3 months ago. Most of the readers have had asked me to reveal the secret Feng Shui on how to make a baby boy!Without prejudice to the rights and authority of any gender and the freedom to choose legally, there is an affirmative answer to increase the probabilities magnificently in determining the babies’ gender of your choice from the Feng Shui’s perspective. Put it simple, there are out numbers of people came to me who had difficulties in either to get pregnant or to make a baby boy!Since so many people on earth Googling for these Feng Shui solutions and cures day and night, I think it is time to share some precious Feng Shui tips out now because there are countless people had paid many famous Feng Shui celebrities and yet not being rewarded what they expected! If you’re one of them who always search for [how to get pregnant] or [how to make a baby boy], then it is worth while for you to read the following content meticulously and follow precisely. My Feng Shui Tips that I’m going to share with you are robust and effectual whereby you won’t be able to learn from any renown Feng Shui celebrities by attending their expensive money-burning courses. Guaranteed returning result is as what you are expecting. Share and spread these Feng Shui tips if you achieved results and willing to help others.


Tips #1 Avoid Living In The House That Make You Hard To Have Babies

The very first tip is to avoid living in a house with inauspicious sitting direction resulting unwilling bad pregnancy experience. You can find those direction HERE. These type of house sittings direction always make a couple has an outrageous challenging situation to make a baby.

If a couple is physiologically and biologically healthy, most of them still can get pregnant but implausible to make baby boy, unless your external land form Feng Shui within 200ft radius favors to make a baby boy. External land Form Feng Shui always take overruling precedence to Compass Feng Shui, please keep in mind.

You may ask: “What if I am living in one of those inauspicious house and the external land form Feng Shui discourage in having a baby boy? What and how should I do?”, unless you comply the HAUR Feng Shui®‘s tips in this post.


Tips #2 Avoid Using Xuan Kong Flying Star & Eight Mansions Method

Please do not use the Xuan Kong flying star method or the Eight Mansion method to find out which location is the best for bedroom and bed that encourages making baby boy. Both methods are having flaws and unable to correctly guide the Qi movement to make baby boy. If you are the believer of those two Feng Shui methods for many years and yet difficult to make a baby boy, why not considering stop using them and source some other alternative?

In fact, the appropriate compass Feng Shui to determine such location for bed and bedroom is to use the “HAUR Sequencing Stars™ Method” of HAUR Feng Shui®. Though, we will elaborate this method in different post.

P.S. Please note that Xuan Kong Flying Stars is different from Flying Stars. Flying Stars is how the nine stars fly in accordance to period, year, month, day and time whereas Xuan Kong Flying Stars method is based on Flying Stars to relate to sitting/facing directions (24 mountains), mountain, and water by its own determination and make use of the stars combination for explanations.


Tips #3 The Significant Center Point In Your Bedroom

Take extra focus on the following tips from now onward! These tips are extremely important for couples who live in houses with contradicting external land form feng shui and compass feng shui that against your “will”. In a more technical way of explanation, when the great Tai-Chi is against you, you must at least secure your small Tai-Chi, in this case which is your bedroom.

Many people did not know that the center of the small Tai-Chi (bedroom) is actually your bed! Hence, the primary focus point of your bedroom should be your bed. Wherever your bed is located, that spot is the center point of you bedroom. Thus, we can begin to discuss further The Internal Land Form Feng Shui of your bedroom in the next tips.


Tips #4 Where Is The Best Location For Your Bed?

Regardless of what “Mansion” your bed is in or which “flying stars combination” are (if you still using the Eight Mansions Feng Shui and Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui, we must first determine the best location for you bed.

Neglect the theory part how I derive the Internal Land Form Feng Shui based on Yi Jing’s Yin-Yang method which you can learn via my coaching or key notes subscription. The conclusion of the finding indicated that the location of your bed must be signified from your bedroom’s entrance door. Take a look at the following info-graphics:

baby boy scenario1b baby boy scenario2 baby boy scenario3

Yes! The location of your bed must be placed at the FURTHEST from the entrance door!

Why? If you noticed, there must be sufficient space and room between your bed and the entrance door. It should consist at least 25% of the area or space in the bedroom without any obstacles such as chairs, vases, bags, cabinets, wardrobes, and partitions. This is to safeguard the Qi/air flows to be drew from the “Qi/air mouth” (bedroom’s entrance door) and circulates within the bedroom irrespective of the number of windows.

So now you already know where should place your bed accurately. This is based on the Yin-Yang rule on earth, so please do not worry about non comply to other Feng Shui methods. Then, the next big thing is to know what is the orientation for your bed to function as an aspiring babies (and baby boys) making platform.

Tips #5 The Orientation of Your Bed

Also based on Yi Jing’s Yin-Yang method, the following info-graphic illustrates the appropriate orientation of your bed that will impressively benefit you to make a baby boy in bedroom Scenario 1:

baby boy bed orientation scenario1

What are the bed orientations for other bedroom scenarios?

Which side should husband and wife sleep respectively? 

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