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Feng Shui Consultation Service Needs Commercialization?

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There are too many people claimed to be a Feng Shui consultant nowadays. Perhaps anyone can think or say that I’m actually one of them even though I think I’m not in that category.

Majority of them are pushing their lucks to commercialize their services, writting books, developing apps and to promote the extremely high profit margin decorative items, hoping to become another Yap Cheng Hai, Louis Loh, Lilian Too and Joey Yap.

The group CEO of MOL Global (holding company of the Friendster Inc and MOL Access Point Berhad) Ganesh Kumar Bangah did asked me, ” why don’t you focus to develop and commercialize your Feng Shui services to a scale-able market size?”

Well, perhaps making money especially making money online via internet marketing platform is one of the best thing in our life everyone might dreamed before to achieve. The successful bloggers such as John Chow (www.johnchow.com) and Peng Joon (www.pengjoon.com) always inspired the new generation to chase for that kind of lifestyle.

I do not really aggressively to market my blog and commercialize my Feng Shui consultation services to a scale-able market size because I meticulously care about every of my client.

Close to 90% of my clients are returning clients. All of them came to me via worth of mouth or by coincidence but repeatedly come to me because I really spent my time and attention listened to them and helped them without focusing on maximum fees earned with minimum times per client.

I had asked my clients, “why don’t you go for the big names in the market?” All of them came to a similar conclusion:

“A side from your precision and effectiveness, is the attention and concern you gave to us.

Your ad hoc concerning calls on our problems made us felt warmth.

You had gave us a lot of free follow-up advice without charging us like others.

You gave us support on our decisions which you really do not neet to.

Perhaps, that’s the difference and uniqueness of you compare to others.”

Yes, Mr Steven from MSC Malaysia, you are absolutely right! People now a days need more full hearted one-on-one session because they need our full attention for analysis! Aggressive commercialization will eventually limits our time spent per clients and consequently will replace our valuable loyal clients with regular non-loyal clients.

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