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3 Precious Tips To Know Who Is A Great Feng Shui Consultant

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How To Know A Feng Shui Consultant Is Great?

Today, there are many schools of Feng Shui in our world. As I’d always mentioned, regardless of which Feng Shui schools, there are always 3 classes of Feng Shui Consultant in each and every Feng Shui styles.

If you are clueless on how to judge or choose your Feng Shui consultant and you’re looking for general answers, then you may go to About.com. If you’re looking for more specific indication, then you must read the following tips. These 3 tips, which I also called the F.A.R.” guidelines are able to enlighten you which class is your Feng Shui Consultant belongs to.


Tips #1: First-Class Feng Shui Consultant

In the Feng Shui circles, there is a believe: “Excellent master spot stars patterns”.

Most of the people think that the superb Feng Shui consultant is always spotting the stars in the sky to find the best Feng Shui location that delivers extensive wealth, health, heir, reputation and power.

Nevertheless, the true fact of “Excellent master spot stars patterns” is: The first-class Feng Shui consultant will look at the patterns of the land formation (the dragon shape of the land) in accordance to the shapes described by the 9 stars respectively.

The first-class Feng Shui Consultant is capable of identifying the mountain dragon (shapes), flat ocean dragon, dragon spot, incoming dragon, outgoing dragon, dragon head, geological material, Qi, air flows, water flows and point out the most important aspect – the Yin-Yang interaction spot of every type of land form, on both untouched lands and urbanized lands.

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Undeniable, the entire core idea of Feng Shui is to seek for the best Ying-Yang interaction equilibrium spot either for people to live on or for bodies to be buried. Successfully obtained such kind of land to be our home or office will keep us persistently invincible regardless of ignoring doing any compass feng shui setup.

This class of Feng Shui Consultants during most of their inspection time will not carry around any feng shui compass because they do not really require it that much. All they need are just their eyes, ears, minds, knowledge and practical experience. They can easily recognized the Yin & Yang of the land form, the Yin & Yang of Qi flows and the Yin-Yang of the building’s shapes. Immediately, they can tell you the root cause of your problem such as the reason of deteriorating business profits.

If you’re looking for this class of Feng Shui Consultants, kindly contact HAUR Feng Shui at our CONTACT US page.  


Tips #2: Average-Class Feng Shui Consultant

There is a phrase like this: “Second grade master seek water mouth”.

For Feng Shui consultants who are unable to achieve the strength of those First-class in land form Feng Shui, all they need to do is just concentrate on ONE simple focus: To look for water mouth! Sometimes also recognized as Water Feng Shui.


Why? Simple!

According to the famous Feng Shui proverb: ” Qi dispersed by wind, held by water! “, this class of Feng Shui consultants just need to know how to find the correct land surrounded by “Y” shape water, the dragon’s Qi or more appropriately the Yin-born live Qi will be locked at the delta within the water boundaries. This selected land is generally to be used either for residential or graveyard.

In downtown, hardly we can find many rivers. Surface drainage are too shallow and insignificant to be treated as water boundaries. Even underground waste water lines, unless contained sufficient water depth, otherwise unable to lock the Qi.

Hence, the proper application of this class of Feng Shui Consultants in searching a good piece of residential or commercial land in metropolitan will be very much based on the contour (high and low ground level) of the land and exploits the habit of natural water streams to seek for the right spot. The natural water streams here doesn’t mean the flowing direction of the drainage water and sewer lines.

Because of for the ease of application and marketing purposes, many of these Feng Shui consultants mistreat the way to look for water mouth by equalizing traffic roads as water flows.

I’m sure you always hear something like this in Feng Shui audit:

” … in Feng Shui, water means money. Therefore, many traffic flows toward your main entrance means money because traffic is treated as water in Feng Shui. All you need to do is create a traffic circulation in front of your door to slowdown and recycle the water, then build a fountain to attract more water and ensure you have a large lobby to absorb the Qi from the traffic circulation; also place two long nose giant elephant in front of the main entrance, facing the traffic junction (water mouth) to assist in absorbing the water (money), your business revenues will jump enormously…”

This is SO WRONG!

Traffic should not be treated as water! The above example is also not the Water mouth method as well.

Again! As mentioned many times previously, traffic roads should NOT be considered as water but to be handled as airflow or wind in Feng Shui.

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