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3 Precious Tips To Know Who Is A Great Feng Shui Consultant (…continued)

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Tips #3: Rookie-Class Feng Shui Consultant

The matching phrase for this class will be: “Awful master carrying compass runs around the mountain”.

This class of Feng Shui consultants with the most quantity in the market also known as the compass school consultant. Undeniable, these Feng Shui consultants received the strongest demand in the market due to its convincing yet easy-to-understand logical ideas and persuasive marketing strategies.

They’ll typically only comprehend and emphasis on flying stars, the aesthetic view of the interior design, and also follow the false feng shui method – eight mansions.

This class of Feng Shui consultants is especially easy to be distinguished when they were invited to examine the Yin Feng Shui of a graveyard. Mainly, they’ll just use the Feng Shui compass for measurement and advice you on particular sitting or facing direction of the gravestone; to look for water and mountain at certain direction relative to the gravestone, without initially weighing and considering the land form to find the dragon spot.

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On the other hand for Yang Feng Shui, whichever property they inspected, the surrounding environment such as plants, ground levels, roads and other buildings are always unconsciously being neglected because seemed irrelevant and unimportant to them. They might just mention some very basic Feng Shui land form assessment such as ” Heaven Slash”, “Sharp Edge Killing” and “Reverse Bow Water” which are actually not very much can be categorized as original land form feng shui.

In fact, most of the rookie-class Feng Shui consultants aimed on uncovering the internal Feng Shui condition of the inspected property by applying the erroneous Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui method as well as the untrue Eight Mansion Feng Shui method. If you believe and able to accept, the “Alternate Gua” method in Xuan Kong Flying Stars is the biggest scam! Unless you know the unique “Sequencing Stars Method” of HAUR Feng Shui that enabled precise internal Feng Shui determination of a property. Otherwise, using Xuan Kong Flying Stars method will give you something like “50% seems correct; 50% seems vague”.

Subsequently, they’ll introduce countless of decorative items or mascots for instance “Hu Lu”, wind chime, bamboo plants, Bagua and crystals to be placed at certain location so to neutralize the negative Qi while enhancing the positive Qi. In summary, they’ll tell you those things are required to achieve equilibrium auspicious Qi for your property! Thank you very much for buying things from me!

Some eventually will aim on the attributes like site cleansing, odors, color of jewellery, shape and color of objects in the house. I do not mean these are wrong provided they must know the correct “Yin Yang Shape – Qi Method”. The appropriate Yin Yang Shape – Qi method allows you to understand the impacts of bright-dim of lighting; high-low pitch of sound; hot-cold of temperature; full-empty of space in the internal Feng Shui.

Finally, in conclusion if you’re searching for reliable awesome Feng Shui Consultants, kindly contact HAUR Feng Shui at our CONTACT US page.

May the auspicious Qi always be with you…

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