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MH370 MH17 Marked Evil Feng Shui of Malaysia Airlines?

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Nobody is going to deny, 2014 is an astonishing gloomy dull year for Malaysia Airlines System (MAS) Group of Companies. The mysterious vanishing of flight MH370 (MAS370) on March 8th and the unfortunate destroyed of flight MH17 on July 17th, had unexpectedly dropped another hazardous anchor pulling off the engine of MAS to take off for its survival. In fact, until today MAS has been suffering for gigantic losses and struggling for only single digit profit margin again since 2007 (MAS Annual Report, 2013).  

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The Storm That Stroke The Propeller

Stressed profitability, harassed ROI and poor leadership are always been the top challenges for MAS. The equity price performance of MAS did not take off as a plane but instead dive like a submarine since 2007.
MAS stock price 10 years 2

The average operating profit margin was only at a frustrating 0.1% within the profitable years between 2007 and 2010. Since 2007, the net income, cash flows from operation and cash flows from investment are holding up steadily… in the negative territory. From 2011 onward, the financial statements turned embarrassed for MAS.   
MAS cash flows

Recently, MAS’s primary shareholder Khazanah Nasional Bhd, a sovereign wealth fund proposed to buy out minority shareholders in order to privatize MAS under its restructuring plan (Bloomberg, 2014). When the management, the government and the consultants already identified the core problems of MAS many years very much earlier and executed the rescue plan in 2011 (revised in 2012), why still unable to change the destiny of MAS?

With all the supports and resources from the Malaysia government, yet still and why couldn’t MAS make a great turnaround?

What really went wrong on MAS’s deteriorating performance?

Is the latest restructuring plan going to work for this time?

Will MAS reborn as a phoenix after privatization?

How The Perfect Storm Begins?

For all the doom and gloom, it all started in year 2006 when MAS did the massive move to shift its headquarter to the current location at Admin Building 1, MAS Complex A near the SAAS airport, Subang, Selangor, West Malaysia (The Star Online, 2006).


After the mighty move, MAS made losses in year 2006 then rebounded and hit a record profit in year 2007. Thereafter, profits were eroded annually and deficits soared to a record of MYR2.52 bil in 2011 (The Edge, 2014). Since then, the losses continues the outbreak and unable to be recovered until today (MAS Quarterly Report, 2014). 

The Evil Perfect Storm Summoned by Jointed Faulty Feng Shui

MAS headquarter is located not far away from a huge flood retention pond and surrounded by a major river stream on one side, channeling towards the major river – Klang river, before entering into the ocean; the other side of the headquarter is a major roadway with heavy traffics.


Most of the Feng Shui masters or celebrities from schools of San He and San Yuan, practicing Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG), Xuan Kong Flying Stars (XKFS), Dragon Gate Eight Formations Water Formula, San He Twelve Qi Cyclical Water Formula and Golden Lock Jade Gate Water Formula who audited this building will think MAS headquarter has the perfect auspicious match of San He Feng Shui with San Yuan Feng Shui seamlessly riding on the natural land-form.

Especially the water formula. practitioners who practice Dragon Gate Eight Formations Water Formula, San He Twelve Qi Cyclical Water Formula and Golden Lock Jade Gate Water Formula will think the retention pond, the river stream, water flowing direction and the water mouth matched their respective auspicious theory of “Yang Gong Wealthy Water Formula”, in which will create substantial resilient profits growth. 


In fact, if you scrutinize and examine carefully, this headquarter is designed and constructed based on the fusion of San Yuan Feng Shui and San He Feng Shui, involving land-form selection, building sitting direction, the location of main entrance, water pond, etc. 

However, we are disappointed to say this is yet another strong proven case of perfect combination between San He Feng Shui and San Yuan Feng Shui that ruined a giant corporation! What an evil perfect storm summoned by those jointed faulty Feng Shui! Despite tons of billions of debts the government already absorbed from MAS, besides mountains of cashes injected into it via numerous government investment arms, yet it still gone tumbledown! If you’re practicing the combined approaches of San He Feng Shui and San Yuan Feng Shui, please try out your own analysis as we’re not going to waster anymore time discussing further those confusing and unreliable Feng Shui methods here.

HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Disclosure #1: The Root of Leadership Failure

Now, cheongsoonhaur.com is going to explosively disclose the real Feng Shui secret concerning the head office of MAS with our HAUR Feng Shui® school. The following terrain map is a closer view version where MAS’s headquarter is situated.


First and foremost, we decided to call attention to the leadership dilemma of MAS. One of the root causes for MAS suffering decade long bitter leadership is surprisingly buried beneath the mountain behind MAS’s headquarter. For many other Feng Shui schools, having an appropriate supporting mountain behind any property or graveyard is a basic auspicious land-form ideal needs. Hence, most of the Feng Shui celebrities will tell that the mountain crafts charismatic and vision leaders; stimulates substantial employee morale and teamwork in accomplishing the corporate missions; and activates widely influential networking for the leaders. 

True? Not quite agree… All the leaders seem neither fulfilling the expected criterion nor receiving great supports from the employee union.

MAS CEO Performance

Since shifted to this new headquarter, the best CEO, Dato’ Sri Idris Jala before leaving MAS only handed out 4.26% profit margin. Subsequently, all other succeeding CEOs until today had drove MAS into “large under-zero” territory. The best part is… the resigned CEO who responsible for the highest recorded losses in MAS, Tengku Dato’ Sri Azmil Zahruddin bin Raja Abdul Aziz in now the executive director of investment in Khazanah Nasional Bhd – the substantial shareholder of MAS (Khazanah, 2014). So, do you still confident on the restructuring plan now?

HAUR FENG SHUI® is going to tell you what’s the factual truth. That mountain behind MAS headquarter will affect its leaders or senior management mostly to become only looks great, sounds good, speaks loud, act smart, thought big, felt being acknowledged, and more importantly are addicted to some “unlawful habits” and undergoes “unfaithful living lifestyles”. Use your imagination, what is unlawful and unfaithful and yet can be addictive?  

drugs  affairs

Meanwhile, the second equivalent important root cause is sunken underneath the flood retention pond towards the South of the mountain. Water pond always give people the impression of generating mighty wealthy fortunes just as majority of other Feng Shui celebrities told you. But the fact is, it negatively impacts the leaders of MAS!

The mighty retention pond will eject responsible and talented leaders while retaining incompetent leaders; remove dominance and authority of the leaders; provoke indecisive corporate leaders; trigger wrongful market perspective and strategic planning; and of course attracts humility and deficits to the operations. Despite how much money MAS could afford to spend, it will always not lucrative enough to attract powerful leaders.

We dare you, as long as operating from the current MAS’s headquarter, even ultimately successfully hired either Richard Branson (Founder & Chairman of Virgin Group) or Gary C. Kelly (President & CEO at Southwest Airlines) come to rescue, MAS will not profitable. Don’t believe?  Continue reading and you’ll find out…

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HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Disclosure #2:  The Water Methods Dump Infinite Money

In summary, almost all the Feng Shui Water formulas or Feng Shui Water methods from every other Feng Shui schools we mentioned earlier will determine the water or water-alike resources such as rivers, ponds and the roadways surrounding the headquarter of MAS will summon longevity treasures prosperity. Are you with them?

What if we tell you, they are wrong! Are you prepared to accept this and learn from us? Yes! this is another dumbstruck moment for you! 

HAUR FENG SHUI® is going to share with you another explosive secrets! Yes! the waters are drowning all the precious fortune away! There are only two water resources here – the retention pond and the river stream. Please remember roadway should not be categorized as water! It should be categorized as air flows (almost all other Feng Shui schools disregard or ignore the existence of this). Commonly, many Feng Shui masters always argue water runs on the surface of road, won’t it be better if we define the drainage as water instead? How often water runs on the surface of roads? Unless every second rains fall on the road non-stop. Almost every other Feng Shui schools making this big mistake!

If you aware, both San Yuan Dragon Gate Eight Formations Water Formula and San He Twelve Qi Cyclical Water Formula will suggest the water mouth of the river streams and the retention pond are at the auspicious or prosperous location for MAS’s headquarter.

Water Formular Killer

However, we can tell you that according to our HAUR Feng Shui®, the entire river streams surrounding MAS’s headquarter and the mighty volume retention pond are horrible natural land-form failures as Water Method in Feng Shui, irrevocably damaging the aspects of wealth and human (reputation, status, health, motivations, etc) severely. The river not only drains away all the revenues but also exhausting the morale and health of people within MAS’s headquarter. The retention pond will just retain debts and dissatisfaction rather than wealth.

For once, you might asked:”With all the bad Feng Shui around, how could MAS possible to achieve record profits of MYR851 mil in 2007?” This is the right question you must ask!

The answer is just uncovered in our next explosive disclosure. 

HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Disclosure #3:  HAUR’s Five Ghost Carry Money™ Hit Record Profit

Again, you might be doubted:”With all the bad Feng Shui around, how could MAS possible to achieve record profits of MYR851 mil in 2007?” We believed you are not alone to think like this! Right?

The reason is very simple! In year 2007, the entire natural land-form encircling MAS’s head office coincidentally matched HAUR FENG SHUI® Five Ghost Carry Money™ nearly perfectly. When the HAUR’s Five Ghost Carry Money™ is accurately achieved, within a certain period of time it will rigorously overrides all other negative Feng Shui factors and generates humongous fortunes! This is the beauty and art of the precise HAUR’s Five Ghost Carry Money™ Feng Shui! This happened to another corporate located not far away from MAS’s headquarter which we’ll explosively disclose below when you read further.

Five Ghost Carry Money Men

One of  key for the successful and effective HAUR’s Five Ghost Carry Money™ is to have appropriate water resources in natural land-form.

HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Disclosure #4: Elimination of Life and Diminished Employee Morales

In the current Feng Shui period 8, the natural land-form of MAS’s headquarter had actually coincidentally entered into the reversal of HAUR Feng Shui® Five Angels Flourish Newborn™.  Here, we’re going to introduce something new which almost every other Feng Shui school does not have any idea about it!


HAUR Feng Shui® Five Angels Flourish Newborn™ is an art just like HAUR Feng Shui® Five Ghost Carry Money™, in which powerfully summons auspicious Qi for generating newborns, happiness, collaborations, morale, escalating social status and enhancing authorities. We’re confident to say almost all other Feng Shui schools are clueless about this and will criticize us deliberately mystifying existing Feng Shui theories or fancifully creating nonexistence Feng Shui knowledge. 

For the truth you might unable to reach, just like you’d been hidden from the fact that some government is allowing Aliens from other planets to “harvest” human strategically & periodically for experiment, MAS’s headquarter is having exactly the reversal of HAUR Feng Shui® Five Angles Flourish Newborn™ now.

Due to the natural land-form, MAS has been enjoying all the negative Feng Shui impacts. The employee’s morale is vanishing badly now. Especially for year 2014 and 2015, MAS is expected to lose people either by tragedies (passengers) or by layoff (employees). We believe the latest employee reduction plan is just the beginning, MAS is anticipated to cut workforce exceeding 6,000 persons in the coming year. Aside MH370 and MH17, will there be more? It is up to your imagination! 

HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Disclosure #5: Earlier Fallen Giant – The Death of Transmile Group Bhd

Still unable to accept that San He Feng Shui and San Yuan Feng Shui collaboratively ruining MAS? Or reluctant to believe HAUR Feng Shui®’s analysis on the land-form around MAS’s headquarter is inauspicious because you might owned some properties there? Then, you must consider the famous history of another fallen aviation giant – Transmile Group Bhd (Star, 2007) that ruined by the combination of these Feng Shui approaches.  

Transmile was one of the leading air-freight services publicly listed company in Malaysia which the Asian tycoon Robert Kuok owned a certain stakes. Before it collapsed, Transmile Group Bhd’s office was located not far away from MAS’s headquarter. Transmile was once MAS’s neighbor! Surprise?

transmile hq map

In year 2007 before delisted, Transmile’s share price hit the all time high at around MYR15.00 per share (Thanks to the natural land-form that partially fulfilled HAUR Feng Shui® Five Ghost Carry Money™). However, due to the location and the facing direction of its office, Five Ghost Carry Money™ Feng Shui effect could not last long as compared with MAS in the respective year. Hence, the fraudulent accounting practices begun to surfaced and consequentially its share price begun to fall off from the cliff sharply and brutally.


Today, Transmile has shrunk into a non-business company with all dormant and ceased operation’s subsidiaries (The Sun Daily, 2014). 

Do you see now!? In the same location, two different focus aviation companies with respective headquarters located there had gone into wild deathly troubles! No matter how strong is the political background or how limitless the cash flow supports from behind, do not dare to challenge the negative Feng Shui impacts! The destruction will ultimately reaches you! More importantly, to be wise enough and beware not to apply and follow the prestigious disguised Feng Shui knowledge and famous Feng Shui celebrities.

So now, MAS is on its way to follow Transmile’s footprint?


HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Disclosure #6: The Awaiting Death?

The key question here: “Is death awaiting MAS soon?”


According to the restructuring plan recently announced by its major shareholder – Khazanah Nasional Bhd, moving the headquarters to Kuala Lumpur International Airport located at Sepang (KLIA) is one of the key element to rebirth MAS. If the move is real, then it will at lease escape from the current very severely negative Feng Shui impacts. But until it really shifted out to KLIA, the negative Feng Shui influences applies…

However, if Khazanah wanted to remain MAS’s head office in the same place, perhaps they should be lucky enough to discover cheongsoonhaur.com or HAUR Feng Shui®. Or else, we dare to say no other Feng Shui schools can save them soon.


HAUR Feng Shui® is always different and standouts from all other Feng Shui schools.

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