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Feng Shui Case Study – House Facing South In Period Eight

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One of my client forwarded me a house’s floor plan, said obtained from Feng Shui Forum of About.com and asked me to provide some free useful opinion using my HAUR Feng Shui®. I told him that I’m definitely more than happy and pleasure to share out my offsite analysis but have to be after lunar new year.

I was too busy for Feng Shui speaking, networking lunches, site audits, facial readings, fortune analysis, and celebration dinners.  Finally, I can take a fast break temporarily before the next wave in mid March. Hence, I quickly answer to my client’s request with this post. This post will show small parts of how our HAUR Feng Shui analysis been carried out.

Background of The Case

Following the image link supplied by my client, I obtained the following house plan: 

Source: http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/519/house2006.jpg

Source: http://img820.imageshack.us/img820/519/house2006.jpg

Assumed all the information and measurement are correct and accurate, this is a single floor landed house sitting North (N2) facing South (S2).

The inquirer was born in 1987 and she claimed she has difficulties in getting a job since 2012. She also expressed that her mother was unable to sleep well.

HAUR Feng Shui® Analysis

This is a typical “Kan Zai” (North sitting house) with a center main door opened at South. From the layout, the center point of the house should be shifted more towards the SW side. The main door still within the South sector of the house.

1. South Sector

South sector is where the main entrance of this house located. According to HAUR Feng Shui® , regardless of whichever year the house was built, this house basically is inauspicious to live by men. Rule of thumb, “Kan Zhai” with South main entrance is usually uncomfortable and unlucky to be lived by men. Eventually the men will leave this house with different types of reasons including death. If the men choose to stay on with the house, they’ll easily encounter severe arguments, controversies and accidents. This scenario is worsen after 2015.

Most of the other Feng Shui consultants will comment this is a “women house” was due the missing structure/bedrooms at the left-hand side (Green Dragon) and majority of the bedrooms are located on the right-hand side (White Tiger). Also, some flying stars style consultants will say that the sitting palace (North Sector) of this house consisted female numbers: 4, 9 & 7. These two statements are so not true and misleading.

For women who live in this house will always have severe romance relationship problems and any love story will not last for long. Furthermore, married couple who lives in this house will have difficulties in conceiving baby especially baby boy.

Fortunately, this main entrance and the windows beside it are receiving auspicious air of period 8 until end of 2015. Hence, any current romance or relationship are sustainable before 2016. In 2013, there are great chances more men will visit this house. Though, somehow something will still happen and they’ll just leave this house very quickly. In addition, particularly in 2014, any romance or relationship can be easily destroyed.

The auspicious air and wind from main door will flow through living hall towards long hallway and consequently received by all the bedrooms. Thus, generally all the bedrooms will receive the auspicious air from main entrance. As a result, bedroom doors facing each other will not cause fighting and argument between family members. Only inexperience or ordinary Feng Shui consultant will analyze in the reverse manner, in the opinion that family members in this house cannot get along well.

Meanwhile, for inquirer as a female who born in 1987, the South sector actually cause her encounter too much frustration, problematic, exhaustion, non-rewarding disbursement, and not being appreciated for contribution. She always need to double her effort than others to obtain the same result.

Recommendation: Always keep the door and window opened. The inquirer should reduce her time spend in the living room.  

2. East Sector

Based on HAUR Feng Shui® , this is a very important area for successful career, romance and nobleman. However, the auspicious luck of this house brought by this sector has been totally damaged by both bathrooms. Hence, inauspicious will occur in any relationship, discouraging great career path, and deteriorates reputation of family members. 

Meanwhile, the garage door will bring auspicious wind and air only AFTER 2015. The more you enter the house from garage door after parking your car, the more you enjoy great health and auspicious lucks but ONLY after 2015 onwards.

Recommendation: Permanently disabled the bathrooms in the East Sector. Change the color theme to brown/yellow colors. 

3. Southeast Sector

According to HAUR Feng Shui® , this is great room for health, wealth, career, business, and relationship. Living in this rooms is basically great for every aspect especially AFTER 2015.

Before 2015, the windows of this room is receiving inauspicious air/wind. Thus, the positive effects of this room are limited. Once enter into 2016, the window of this room will begin to receive strong auspicious air/wind. All the great things can be happened to the person living in this room.

Meanwhile, people living in this room will enjoy good opportunities in 2013.

Recommendation: Minimize opening the window. Change the room’s color theme into cool color theme.  

4. Northeast Sector

HAUR Feng Shui® has identified this room is especially great for substantial wealth and business opportunities. Hence, individual who lives in this room should aim for starting up his/her own business rather than being an employee the soonest. Eventually, individual who lives in this room will somehow be guided by fate to become businessperson. Any employment will not be permanent but contractual or temporary. Especially in 2014, this room is prominently auspicious for creating business profits.

However, there is some flaws of this room that needs to be rectified before able to generate remarkable profits. Meanwhile, the auspicious air/wind will stop flowing into this room beginning 2016.

Recommendation: Change the color theme into hot color. Open the windows all day long. Increase the lighting points of the room and switch them on as long as possible. The height of the plants at the garden should always be kept lower than the height of the windows. To quickly rectify the poverty problem due to Feng Shui’s effect, we can use Five Ghost Carry Money™ Method.

5. North Sector

Our HAUR Feng Shui® analysis shown that the dining room is located at the correct sector in this house. However, the location of the stove and basin are incorrect. Consequent of this, obstacles continue to occur in career path and relationship.

Also, the window is receiving inauspicious air/wind currently and worsen the bad effect while diminishing the good effect of this sector.

Recommendation: Swap your stove with the basin. If unable to move the basin, minimize the usage of it. Ideally, permanently shut down the kitchen’s window or else minimize the usage. 

6. West Sector/ Northwest Sector (Mom’s Room)

The mom’s room is located on both West and Northwest sector in this house. Specifically, the bedroom’s door is in the West sector. West sector in this house is extremely negative for health. This sector attracts miserable incurable illness (mostly unable to determine root cause even after diagnosis), especially easily affecting the oldest lady in this house.  

The lucky part is that this mom’s bedroom is receiving auspicious air/wind from the window as well as the main entrance via family living room and long hallway. Also, the mom’s bathroom is just at the right place to reduce the illness effect. Hence, the illness will follow the person who lives in mom’s bedroom but won’t be deathly. 

HOWEVER, it is exclusively important to take note that from 2016 onwards, the main entrance and the windows of mom’s bedroom will begin to receive inauspicious air/wind. Also, the mom’s bathroom will works reversely to deteriorate health. Thus, beware of the incurable illness for whom living in the mom’s bedroom will suddenly turned into fatality.

On the other hand, the person who lives in this room should be able to have more income and better friendship with others in 2013 via any reason.

Part of the mom’s bedroom also sits in the NW sector, especially the location of the bed. This sector will cause remarkable addiction to something. As the bedroom is receiving auspicious air/wind, the person who lives in this room will be addicted to some positive hobbies including investment, spiritual & religious interest, handcraft, and making friends. When receiving inauspicious air/wind, the person will quickly addicted to drugs, gambling, bad romance and other mischievous habits.

When you’re addicted to something, your mind cannot get out of it and will cause you to think of it night and day. Also, for the person who sleeps on this bed will encounter exhaustion in 2013. Exhaustion can be due to more workload, more income and more traveling.

Recommendation: Keep the sliding door at the family living room and the windows of the bedroom opened. Keep the bedroom door opened all day long. Change the color theme into greenish color. Exchange the location of the bed with the cabinet. The bedroom door facing the bed’s headboard won’t create damages as many Feng Shui consultant will claim because it is receiving auspicious air. Take note, air and Chi (or Qi) are totally two different things. Should not confuse air/wind with Chi or Qi.


I believe I’d covered enough most of the important sector in this house. What I’d done was only 30% of my full HAUR Feng Shui® Offsite Analysis. Though, I believed it already provided substantial valuable information for either practical usage or academic/research purposes.



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