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Feng Shui Case Study: Faulty Audit & Cure By A Famous Feng Shui Celebrity Ruined A Corp!

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Is time for another lengthy Feng Shui case study now! 

This is another proven reality that a Feng Shui master had ruined another remarkable corporation. We have no intention to offence anyone here but solely for practical Feng Shui analytic purpose and a referral lessons for Feng Shui practitioners to avoid.

Not long ago, one of my clients in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia visited us for the Feng Shui planning on his new office expansion. After our discussion, he told me that he has an intention to take over a factory as well and excitedly expressed this factory has a very good “Emperor” Feng Shui setting which was done by a famous Feng Shui master with 1000 years of family lineage. Then, immediately he showed me on his tablet the Google map of this factory and blog post of this Feng Shui master discussing the great Feng Shui of this particular factory. 

Factory bad feng shui new

The blog post of the said famous Feng Shui master is written in Chinese language. If you want to read further, you can click HERE

This factory is owned by a renown corporation and is located at Shah Alam, a city nearby Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The factory is sitting Geng (W1,庚) direction facing Jia (E1,甲) direction and the office of this corporation is built beside the factory, sitting Wu (S2,午) direction facing Zi (N2,子) direction.

According to content in that saidBlog Post, effortless to notice that the so called famous Feng Shui master is applying San He Feng Shui (三合风水),although it claimed applying Yang Gong Feng Shui. From year 2007 onward, the business of this factory owner begun its gravity free falls after losing USD1 million. Then, the factory owner seek rescue from the Feng Shui master around April 2008.

According to the Feng Shui Master (might owned PhD) with San He Feng Shui analysis, both factory and office are treasure mines because are located on “Golden Dragon Cave” (金龙穴); receiving the nearby Qi of “Sitting Throne Mountain” (临官山) and “Auspicious Kingdom Mountain” (帝旺山); and the prayer’s altar had the outgoing water mouth of “Wood Dragon God” (木龙神) at Klang River based on the “Piercing Mountain’s Seventy Two Dragons” (穿山七十二龙).

We noticed that the initial Feng Shui setting for the factory and office is obviously based on Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui. If you use Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui to double check, it also suggested generating great wealth for factory (classic Double Stars Knocking Door formation) whereas generating reputation for the boss and attracts reliable talents for the office (classic Double Stars Under Seat formation). Noticeably, the result is not as expected. Once again, this is another strong case indicated Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui is Dying and erratic.

Back to the Feng Shui Master or Feng Shui PhD, the San He Feng Shui audit came into a conclusion that both factory and office had almost perfect Feng Shui for tremendously generating substantial wealth, power and reputation except the factory owner does not own a Bazi (Four pillars) that able to ride on these auspicious Emperor Feng Shui. In this case, the Feng Shui Master/ PhD determined the factory owner’s Bazi dislike Metal element (Golden Dragon Cave is in metal elementary). As a result, the Feng Shui Master classified the treasury Emperor Feng Shui had turned into a reversal impacts to the factory owner. Then, the Feng Shui Master recommended to make minor adjustment so both factory and office can be seated on “Fire Dragon Cave” (火龙穴) orientation, in which the Fire element is the useful god in the Bazi chart of the factory owner. 

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However, after reading all that and based on our own evaluation, I told my client I have a totally different opinion comparatively. So what is my opinion I told him? Let me share with you one-by-one in the following.

The Misinterpretation & Misapplication Of Fundamental Piercing Mountain’s Seventy Two Dragon

The San He Feng Shui emphasis on trio-combination (三合) of Dragon (underground Qi), Water flows and facing direction (to be precise is the facing direction of the graveyard hole). Trio-combination here means the trio-combination of the Twelve Earth Branch. The sixth layer plate on San He Feng Shui Compass is a very important plate namely Piercing Mountain’s Seventy Two Dragons because Feng Shui Masters must use it to determine and select the direction of appropriate incoming dragon for a graveyard point. Without proper incoming dragon (underground Qi), anything else cannot to be carried out further.

Regardless of the accuracy doubt, first and for all, many people do not know or ignored to accept that in fact, San He Feng Shui is a major knowledge specifically for Yin Feng Shui (graveyard Feng Shui) settings only. Due to the market demand and the expansion needs, too many San He Feng Shui masters carelessly improvised it to become a building Feng Shui knowledge. Thus, can it generate fascinating results immediately? Seems improper, right?

In this case, we saw a misapplication of Feng Shui knowledge here. Why I say so? 

The Feng Shui Master actually used sitting direction of the factory and office directly to find out the type of cave in Piercing Mountain’s Seventy Two Dragons then immediately made conclusion on the auspicious level, without considering whether there is any incoming dragon or not. In practical, it should be the other way round. Firstly we shall identify the natural land form to obtain any incoming dragon (underground Qi) to enter the cave, subsequently only demarcate the appropriate sitting direction of the cave (graveyard point) or building (if you insist) based on the required five element by using Piercing Mountain’s Seventy Two Dragons in order to receive that incoming dragon. Without the incoming dragon, every analysis and cures are immaterial. 

72 dragons

In that Feng Shui audit by that Feng Shui Master, the real natural incoming dragon is not identified. Furthermore, San He Feng Shui should not be used to audit Building Feng Shui. Hence, the entire process of the audit had already gone faulty at the initial stage. Nothing else needed to be discussed further including the Twelve Qi Cyclical (十二长生) of Water and Mountain.

The Common Mistake – Mismatch of Bazi Knowledge With Feng Shui Knowledge

In the same blog post, the Feng Shui Master also mentioned about the Bazi/Four Pillars chart of the factory owner disfavor Metal element. Hence, the factory owner’s wealth will be distressed by the Metal Qi of Golden Dragon Cave (is there a dragon Qi in the first place?). With this type of analysis, we already knew a great common mistake was conducted – a mismatch of Bazi knowledge with Feng Shui knowledge!

girl crying

Many years back, once occurred a Feng Shui school which gained popularity fast until today still owns a large numbers of followers. This method is known as Destiny Feng Shui, a concept basically to find out the favorite elements and useful gods in an individual’s Bazi chart. Because Bazi’s Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches are using the same characters/words as Feng Shui directions, the Destiny Feng Shui’s cures will be to enhance the Feng Shui directions which equivalent to the useful god in the Bazi chart. 

Analogically, in electricity there are alternating current and direct current. Both cannot flow together unless you have a converter to convert either into the same. Thus, many people especially a lot of new Feng Shui practitioners who just learned some basic from famous big name do not know, whatever information obtained from Bazi chart cannot be used directly into the Feng Shui!

Same to this factory case, disfavor Metal element in Bazi chart of the factory owner cannot be utilized directly to make such conclusion – Golden Dragon Cave is elementary Metal will deteriorate his wealth capability. Experience Feng Shui masters should not make this common mistake. 

Building Feng Shui Emphasize On Collecting Auspicious Air Flows

In fact, undeniable the most important factor in Yang Feng Shui (building Feng Shui) is to receive auspicious air flows. The Feng Shui Master had never discuss either the office or factory is receiving auspicious air flows. In fact, San He Feng Shui knowledge is unable to determine the truth auspicious air flows direction into a building. San He Feng Shui knowledge only mentioned to receive auspicious Qi (Qi and air flow is different) via main entrance, the facing direction of the main entrance has to be determined using Piercing Mountain’s Seventy Two Dragon (again, it only suitable to be applied for justification of incoming underground dragon (Qi). To accurately measure and calculate the direction of auspicious air flows, frankly but not self esteem, only by the truth ancient Sequencing stars method – HAUR’s Yang Sequencing Stars™ Method (昊堪阳宅挨星法™) can do it!

After All The Criticisms, Do You Want To Know HAUR’s Yang Sequencing Stars™’ Analysis?

Our HAUR’s Yang Sequencing Stars™ Analysis has a total opposite outlook compared with the Feng Shui Master. Our examination precisely verified that both factory and office are not treasure mines but fatal pitfalls! 

The terrain around the factory and office is basically high at North, East and South regions whereas low at West region. The main entrance of the factory facing E1, Jia direction is receiving inauspicious air flows, causing recurring unfortunate tragedies involving legal lawsuit arguments, frequent accidents, security breach, employees fighting each others, inappropriate handling of matters, and criminal cases especially in 2006, 2010 & 2015.

Whereas the entrance of the office facing N2, Zi direction is no exceptional receiving inauspicious air flows, resulting wealth deterioration, many male employee (and the male boss) suffered major illness, demoralized, dissatisfied, frustrated and abandon the corporation fast in 2007, 2008. 2009 & 2014.

After my brief sharing with my client, he had a long exhale and told me that this corporation actually had encountered some security breach and its employees involved in some criminal cases in 2010; the firm is in a dilemma of extremely high turnover rate in human resources for many years & manpower was reduced by half; the business is making loses until today and unable to grow as its peers; and the quality of services is diminishing drastically.

Then, I asked my client:” Will you still want to take over the factory?”

I believed you might already knew the answer…

He gave me two thumbs up with his head shook!

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May the auspicious Qi always be with you !!!


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