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Feng Shui 2016 Trilogy: Episode 2 – Desolation of Xuan Kong

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Welcome to our “Feng Shui 2016 Trilogy: Episode 2 – Desolation of Xuan Kong”. This is the second article in our Feng Shui 2016 Trilogy and also the continuation article from our previous hot article: “Feng Shui 2016 Trilogy: Episode 1 – An Unexpected Trend”. We’re going to unveil some shocking fact that how Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui method will soon desolate everything of you, especially if you’re applying it precisely, firmly and flawlessly according to the guidance of famous Feng Shui celebrities in the year of Fire Monkey.

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Scene from Movie: “The Desolation of Smaug” | Perhaps Xuan Kong Flying Stars Method Is The SMAUG In Feng Shui…

One more thing not to forget, many Feng Shui practitioners of other Feng Shui Masters/Celebrities worldwide continuously visit our website and read our articles to verify theirs Feng Shui knowledge. Thousands of astrology and metaphysics followers read our articles daily to stress-test theirs Feng Shui consultants or before making a purchase. While not being remove yet, you might wanna take a quick look at these valuable and worth keeping articles:

Every year, all the Feng Shui Masters or celebrities are forecasting the world and give advice based on Xuan Kong Flying Stars chart. For so many years passing by, how many of so called masters or celebrities are correct and accurate?

1. The Continuous Deception by Famous Empty Vessels?


Who is the loudest? Your Feng Shui Celebrity or him?

As you’d already aware, all the Feng Shui masters and celebrities in the world are still using the flawed astrology methods exactly we’d discussed in our previous article: “Feng Shui 2016 Trilogy: Episode 1 – An Unexpected Trend” to give theirs predictions for 2016.

This ARTICLE shows that All the Feng Shui Masters/Celebrities had gone wrong for 2015 predictions (iMoney, Feb 2015). Click HERE to read more.

For example, a self-claimed best selling Feng Shui author had done his prediction of world’s economy, real estate markets (iMoney, Feb 2015), oil & gas industry (Rappler, Feb 2015) and stock markets again for 2015. You can read iMoney, Feb 2015 & Rappler, Feb 2015 then compare with what actually had happened to our world. Either he has FAILED or being close to precise, you can easily judge by yourselves. According to his students/followers/audiences attended his seminar, once again confirmed that his prediction using Bazi Chart of LiChun (first stood of spring) & Xuan Kong Flying Stars are very much different with many economical facts & industrial performance worldwide in 2015 (MyVeryFirstBlog, Jan 2015)

For 2016, this Feng Shui celebrity is still using the Twelve Zodiac, Bazi Chart of LiChun and Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui for his predictions (MyVeryFirstBlog, Jan 2016). So…will it be accurate at least for ONE time in 2016? Is the big name gonna disappoint you again? Will you still willing to contribute fees every year ahead even you’d knew there are huge difference between the fact & the predictions in previous years? Let us track accordingly and revisit the prediction at the end of Fire Monkey Year. At least from there, you are aware that is unnecessarily to buy any Feng Shui items or equipment to put at each corner of your house. 

If you read the article in MyVeryFirstBlog, Jan 2016, instead of great opportunities as the said Feng Shui celebrity predicted, the fact now is Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc had just entered into a fight with the Federal Judge on the court order to unlock San Bernardino’s iPhone (USA Today, Feb 2016). The implication is very severe and might lead to the destruction of Apple Inc’s proud selling point – data security & information encryption.  As this might risk Apple Inc towards down fall, Tim Cook quickly wrote “A Message To Our Customers”. Furthermore, Apple’s iPhone is losing its market stake in December 2015 and encounter the first sales drop ever according to Gartner (MarketWatch, Feb 18, 2016). On February 19, 2016 The U.S. Department of Justice had filed a motion (PDF) to comple Apple, Inc. to comply with the FBI’s orders. So, do you think using the Bazi Chart of the Stood of Spring (LiChun) for prediction is reliable anymore?

Another example, for 2016 Fire Monkey year, almost every Feng Shui big names anticipated there will be earthquake at countries at the Northeast direction of China (they are basing on Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui method, which is the Five Yellow Star situated) such as North Korea, South Korea, Russia, & Japan. But the fact that after February 4, when we entered into Fire Monkey Year, earthquakes actually occurred in the countries at the South and Southeast from China mainland. You can checkout the “List of Earthquake In 2016” for the exact earthquake locations. 

2. Decoding The Desolation of Xuan Kong Flying Stars In 2016


The above info-graphic shows the flying stars chart used by almost every Feng Shui masters or celebrities worldwide for prediction and audit in the year of Fire Monkey 2016. As we’d mentioned in our previous article, the Xuan Kong Flying Star is flawed and imperfect. Again, we take the example from MyVeryFirstBlog, Jan 2016 which revealed the predictions done by a Feng Shui celebrity. We’ll give you two valuable comments: ONE is on the claimed auspicious sector – Southwest; and ANOTHER is on the claimed inauspicious sector – Northeast. Hope you can absorb as much as you can:

The Xuan Kong Flying Star Claimed INAUSPICIOUS Sector: Northeast – Star Number 5

  • It was claimed by the above Feng Shui celebrity that the Northeast sector in the current Fire Monkey year is the “Deadliest” triple whammy sector because of the Star Number 5 – Five Yellow (well known as destructive lethal star) flies into this Earth element sector and encountered “Age-Rupture™” (Sui Po, 岁破, which causing damages and demolition throughout the year) particularly at the Northeast-3 Sector (Yin Mountain, 寅山). Almost every other Feng Shui celebrities or masters worldwide has equally same opinion!
  • As such, for global Feng Shui predictions, Xuan Kong Feng Shui celebrities will tell you that the area or countries at the Northeast direction from mainland China will experience earthquake and tsunami; hit by disasters, wars, loss of GDP, economical downfalls and political instability. For Feng Shui setup of a building such as your house, they’ll shock you that any utilization, operation, usage, renovation and groundbreaking at the Northeast sector within the building will activate limitless illness, loss of fortunes, tragedies, troubles, accidents and catastrophe.
  • What we wanted to enlighten you is: “All These Predictions Above Are Meaningless Guesses Without Constructive Values Which Can Desolate Your Wealth!”. If you avoid using the Northeast Sector of your house, you’re making a GIGANTIC MISTAKE! You’d possibly just been misled by big name empty vessel to drain away all your fortunes and opportunities! GO ALL OUT and FULLY UTILIZE THE NORTHEAST SECTOR! You’ll receive unbelievable prosperity! MARK OUR WORDS !!!  

Meanwhile, from the same reference…

The Xuan Kong Flying Star Claimed AUSPICIOUS Sector: Southwest – Star Number 8

  • It was claimed by the above Feng Shui celebrity (and almost every Feng Shui masters/celebrities worldwide) that the Southwest sector in the current Fire Monkey year is the “Direct Wealth” sector because of the Star Number 8 flies into it. Hence, for Feng Shui setup of a building, it is recommended to have water feature uncovered and to be placed outside the building with 2 feet depth and 1,000 squared feet large (Wow! approximately 50 feet long and 20 feet wide!) to effectively activate the Direct Wealth. Won’t you think it is very IMPRACTICAL to place such huge water feature (1,000 squared feet in surface area) to activate the wealth? It is almost a land size that can build another house! This is MUCH MORE COSTLIER than some other Feng Shui Schools in the world which promotes buying expensive decorative items every year!
  • Also, the Xuan Kong Feng Shui celebrity advised to utilize more the Southwest sector to welcome the prosperity and success within the Fire Monkey year. To be more precise should be ONLY using Southwest-1 and Southwest-2 because it claimed Southwest-3 is the Grand Duke Jupiter which time should not be spent there.
  • While for global Feng Shui prediction, based on Xuan Kong Flying Stars most probably the Feng Shui celebrities will tell you that the countries at the Southwest direction from mainland China such as Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina will have strong GDP growth and outperforming stock market.
  • What we wanted to enlighten you AGAIN is: “All These Predictions Above Are Meaningless Guesses Without Constructive Values Which Can Desolate Your Wealth!”. If you are having a large swimming pool or a big lake outside the Southwest of your house, you might ALREADY SUFFERING FROM FOOD POISONING OR FLU IN FEBRUARY 2016! Also, not to be threatening, most probably you’ll be confronting with ZIKA VIRUS SOON! ESPECIALLY FOR HOUSES FACING SOUTH WITH MAIN DOOR AT THE SOUTHWEST SECTOR! 

For all the Feng Shui masters in the world, the more advanced they mastered the Xuan Kong Flying Star knowledge, the more desolating your wealth & health the guidance they provided!

Perhaps, we’re THE FIRST & ONLY FENG SHUI SCHOOL in the world which dare to openly criticize Xuan Kong Feng Shui!

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Bard The Bowman Is The SMAUG Slayer In Movie: “The Desolation of Smaug” | Perhaps Master Cheong Is The XUAN KONG Slayer In Feng Shui…


3. So, What’s The Real Feng Shui 2016 & Astrology Predictions?

So now! Do you still believe in Xuan Kong Feng Shui Prediction?

Do you still believe there is still a Greenland far beyond the polluted dump field near you?

Do you still interested to know what’s our world up to in 2016?

Do you think you are willing to discover our HAUR Feng Shui® prediction & insights?

If yes! Then here is a Good New for you! The Bowman actually exist in your world!

Yes! We decided to rectify the current confusing circumstance in Feng Shui & Astrology Prediction!

Stay alert for our finale article of this trilogy: Episode 3 – “The Battle of Five Nations”


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May the auspicious Qi always be with you…





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