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Feng Shui 2016 Trilogy: Episode 1 – An Unexpected Trend

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We begin our Feng Shui 2016 trilogy with this Episode 1 – “An Unexpected Trend”.

Over the past few years, we had written many astonishing and popular articles that stunned the world. Many Feng Shui practitioners and Feng Shui masters always refer to our articles to verify the Feng Shui knowledge they are learning and thousands of astrology followers read our articles to verify their Feng Shui consultants or before making a purchase. These valuable and worth keeping articles are such as:

Every year, many people are looking for hints to live better, happier, richer and healthier. They hope to be in front of the queue and take action ahead than anyone else. Therefore, people will choose to believe in something that can predict the future such as Feng Shui.

1. The Trend Of Interest Over Time In Feng Shui Is Deteriorating

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We think most of the people on earth today never realize the fact that public’s interest in Feng Shui & Astrology are actually deteriorating over time! The following is a trend chart specially thanks to Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL):

According to the chart, since 2004 the public’s interest in Feng Shui and Astrology is exponentially declining over time and hit the lowest bottom now! The chart carried a very strong signal: “The significance of Feng Shui & Astrology is falling; the public is no longer in the trend of believing or following Feng Shui & Astrology today and in the future!”

What a disappointment and setback! For us being one of the member but not many other left in the truth & effective Feng Shui world, we are very disturbed and confused. Why is the trend performing in such a way? This is one of the our many reasons we had not post any new article for almost seven months since Xi JinPing #2 – The Rider Who Flies The Giant Elephant China. During these periods, we are taking our time to rethink, identify and scrutiny the root-causes behind. Perhaps, we are lucky to find some of them now…


2. Because Feng Shui Players Have Been Feeding Junks Into Your Brains Especially The Celebrities



It is never unusual that at the beginning of every year, incalculable Feng Shui & Astrology prediction seminars are being massively conducted everywhere; limitless publication on predictions of twelve zodiacs are shared on every network channel, especially by the famous Feng Shui celebrities with huge names and extensive marketing strategy. In common, all of them are using the following methodology in Chinese Metaphysics for their annual predictions:

  1. Xuan Kong Flying Stars (Nine Palace Flying Stars) – Dominantly being used by Feng Shui celebrities worldwide as a “Feng Shui way” for global forecast on economic, politic, disasters, incidents, & outbreak. Most likely they’ll continue using it for Feng Shui 2016 as well. Basically, all of them did not master the appropriate methodology of it and misapplying it to give incorrect predictions every year. Then later disguised with sweet talks and all kinds of excuses for erroneous predictions such as: ‘Europe is actually located at the North East from China Mainland according to ancient geographic, quoted by a famous Feng Shui Celebrity in Malaysia in 2013’. If you’re mindful with an investigative consciousness, just cross-check the predictions given by the Feng Shui Celebrity or Bestseller you’re following either on TV channels or in seminars during 2013, 2014 & 2015, you’ll be surprised that how ‘accurate’ they were and how ‘loyally-blinded’ you are. The Feng Shui celebrities are selling expensive tickets for Astrology & Feng Shui 2016 Seminar that applying this method. Should you attend?
  2. Twelve Zodiacs Signs (Purple Star Astrology) – Dominantly being used for destiny prediction on health, wealth, relationship, noble person & challenges by Feng Shui Celebrities especially on TV channels. This is an abuse application of Purple Star Astrology, plotting the Purple Star Twelve Palaces diagram (represented by twelve zodiacs respectively) with 115 stars into it by using the data (year, month, day & time) of The First Stood of Spring (LiChun). Then isolate every palace (zodiac) and describe each of it with the combined meaning of the stars inside each palace. Hence, you’d got your reading for each zodiac. Very misleading result. This is something the public will never know and understand. This method is very popular in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Our many years scrutinize works showed this method had failed. 
  3. Bazi Four Pillar Chart of The First Stood of Spring (LiChun– Dominantly being used as a “Destiny Way” instead of “Feng Shui way” to forecast global economic, politic, disasters, incidents, & outbreak via the equilibrium (balance) of five elements. Many Feng Shui celebrities worldwide favor this method for its ease of usage but again this is an abuse and misapply of astrology method. The data being used is still The First Stood of Spring (LiChun) to plot the Bazi chart that can predict the world within that particular year. Have you ever asked yourself: “The Earth is not re-born on The First Stood of Spring every year, why is the Bazi chart of The First Stood of Spring often used to determine the destiny of the world?” We totally disagree with this abuse and ill-treatment of Bazi knowledge.
  4. Bazi Four Pillar Chart of A Nation’s Independence Day – Dominantly being used for destiny prediction of a nation in economical performance & political stability. Similar to the above “Destiny way”, instead of using the data of (LiChun), this time the data of a nation’s Independence Day is being applied. This is another ill-treat and abuse of Bazi knowledge. Independence Day is unnecessarily National Day. As such, what is the Independence Day for United Kingdom? If Bazi knowledge were to be used in such a way, and the ‘management’ of the nation is refreshed in every election, shouldn’t the data of every “Election-Result Day” being used just like (LiChun)? Many Feng Shui celebrities especially in Malaysia and Singapore favor this method to forecast the performance of a nation. We strongly disagree with them.
  5. Book of Imperial Extreme Century Scripts (Huang Ji Jing Shi Shu) – Occasionally used by limited Grand Masters (mostly in China regions) for prophecy on worldwide economic, politic, disasters, incidents, & outbreak. It is a Yi-Jing (I-Ching) way of prediction, using the 64 Hexagram (Gua) which requires countless of creativity and experience to be accurate like THIS. Many Feng Shui practitioners had use it wrongly by reading the direct meaning of each Gua from The Book of Change – Yi-Jing (I-Ching), or unable to visualize the coherent pattern correctly. Unpopular in area out of China region and not many Feng Shui Celebrities aware of and practice this method.

The market has been applying the imperfect and flawed methods described above to provide predictions and services to the public worldwide over ten years since the begins of Period Eight (2004), but the effectiveness and accuracy are yet to be solidly seen and sturdily proven. You can never observe a tiny sweet spot of all the forecast. Injured on wound again; legends had become disguised hoaxes. After over a decade of dissatisfaction & swindles, all the people in the world had finally begun their exponential distrust in Feng Shui & Astrology as shown in the trend chart earlier.


3. The Mass Production of Academically Certified Feng Shui ‘Masters’

In addition to feeding junks into our brains, the numbers of feeder played substantial role in this deteriorating trend. The establishment of centers like Feng Shui Academic or Mastery Astrology Schools with full syllabus of defective Feng Shui & Astrology knowledge, branded with wealth show-off Feng Shui celebrities embarked the death journey of Feng Shui industry. This is just like a mother incorporation created thousands of its subsidiaries and all of them are selling their own junk bonds together to the market. The public will not feel the pain of their inaccuracy and thought benefited from them during the great economic years until the challenging global scenario has begun (since second half of 2014 as we had a Series of Hints posted before). 


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4. What’s The Real Feng Shui 2016 & Astrology Predictions Then?

So now! Do you still believe in Feng Shui & Astrology Prediction?

Do you still believe there is still a Greenland far beyond the polluted dump field near you?

Do you still interested to know what’s our world up to in 2016?

Do you think you are willing to discover our HAUR Feng Shui® prediction & insights?

If yes! Then here is a Good New for you!

Yes! We decided to rectify the current confusing circumstance in Feng Shui & Astrology Prediction!

Stay alert for our continuation article: Episode 2 – “Desolation of Xuan Kong”


To learn more about HAUR Feng Shui® and looking for reliable awesome Feng Shui Consultants, kindly contact HAUR Feng Shui at our CONTACT US page.
May the auspicious Qi always be with you…


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