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Feng Shui 2013 Updates: The Flying Stars and Review of Decorating Ideas #4

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The Full Analysis Of Feng Shui 2013 Flying Stars(…continued)

We’ll now discuss the auspicious feng shui area in 2013. Hope this discussion will help you to generate a healthier, wealthier and happier life in 2013.

The nine palace diagrams of Period Eight flying stars and 2013 annual flying stars are shown again below for better referencing.

Period Eight flying star

Period Eight Flying Stars Represented In Nine Palace Diagram
Source: www.CheongSoonHaur.com, 2013



2013 flying star by Soon Haur

2013 Flying Stars Represented In Nine Palace Diagram
Source: www.CheongSoonHaur.com, 2013



The Auspicious Areas In 2013

(1) South

  • Hosting star star “3 jade” and the next ruling star, “9 purple”. Combination 3-9 will then become favorite combination for wisdom and joyfulness according to Xuan Kong Feng Shui’s “Purple- White Script”. This area is good for relationship, study, career and family planning. To boost the auspicious Qi, just locate a television; or nine pots of single red flower; or table lamp here.
  • HAUR Feng Shui viewed this area as an auspicious region. In turn to increase the favorable Qi, what should be the appropriate method? The correct approach to acquire the fortunate Qi from these auspicious stars is like this: Primarily, you MUST ensure this area receive sufficient sunlight and fresh air from outside of the building. This is very important! Without doing this you won’t be able to get anything no matter what you do! Then, place three potted plants containing eight bamboos in every pot. Thus, the mission is accomplished.


(2) West

  • Hosting star “1 white” and star “7 red”. Combination 1-7 will create good luck in positive relationship; socializing, and marriage. The usual way of Xuan Kong is to place a water fountain or water feature at this area to kick start the snow ball effect.
  • Haur Feng Shui suggested to ensure this area receives sufficient clean fresh air and sunlight from outside the buildings. Nothing else needs to be done. Need not to waste money buying decorative items.


(3) North

  • Hosting the star “4 green” and star “1 white”. Combination 1-4 is a favorable formation in Xuan Kong, producing the superb lucks in education achievement, career advancement, and romance. Xuan Kong’s style is to place four bamboo pots or an aquarium with fish at this area to assure the good Qi is rotating.
  • Haur Feng Shui strongly recommended to place a LED light with 9 bulbs and 6 coins at this area. Not many people know this little secret! By doing this you’ll receive sizable great Qi for romance and career promotions rapidly. Of course, you must ensure this area obtained enough sunlight and clean fresh air before doing that.


(4) Northeast

  • Hosting star “2 black” and star “8 white”. Xuan Kong read this 2-8 or 8-2 combination in Period 8 as the best formation for enormous wealth duplicator. Placing 8 white stones or mini mountain here will be good enough.
  • Haur Feng Shui advised that no treatment required except to receive sufficient sunlight and clean fresh air from outside because by nature this area is self-fulfilling to snowball the good Qi.


Some Important Knowledge You Must Know…

The above recommendation for Feng Shui 2013 is purely based on flying stars. However, we must understand that there is a sequence for us to obtain good feng shui.

The foremost and core part of good feng shui is actually relies on the external environment surrounding your building.

Secondly is to identify the fixed feng shui palace of your building depended on its sitting and facing direction (NOT using Eight Mansion Method). I’d emphasized that Eight Mansion Feng Shui Method is a FALSE Feng Shui methodology in my eBook titled “Boost Your Your Love Luck! – The Ultimate Secrets Of HAUR Feng Shui” . This fixed feng shui Qi will not change like the flying stars regardless of the Period and years.

Finally, then only we use flying star method, or in our case we use the HAUR Feng Shui Flying Star Analysis to determine and rectify the bad/good feng shui influenced by the flying stars.

I’ll share with you more detail on ‘How To Determine and Obtain All-Rounded Good Feng Shui’ in another article. In this article, you’ll be able to understand the criteria for a good feng shui and the appropriate procedures to perform feng shui analysis.

These procedures is very important! Straight away jumping into using flying stars is unworkable and you’ll be hopeless and disbelieve in how powerful the true Chinese feng shui (AURA Feng Shui and HAUR Feng Shui) is.




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