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Feng Shui 2013 Updates: The Flying Stars and Review of Decorating Ideas #3

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The Full Analysis Of Feng Shui 2013 Flying Stars

For ease of referencing, I’d bring out again the nine palace diagrams of Period Eight flying stars and 2013 annual flying stars.

Period Eight flying star

Period Eight Flying Stars Represented In Nine Palace Diagram
Source: www.CheongSoonHaur.com, 2013



2013 flying star by Soon Haur

2013 Flying Stars Represented In Nine Palace Diagram
Source: www.CheongSoonHaur.com, 2013

The following analysis is done using the popular method – Xuan Kong Feng Shui based on the Xuan Kong knowledge written in the “Purple-White Script”. This script is a must-read handbook for the Xuan Kong Feng Shui Gurus.


Throughout tons of executions and experiences, I have plenty of reservation in supporting the accuracy of this method. Hence, the following analysis is purely for academic purposes.

If you’re a big fan of Xuan Kong Feng Shui, please go ahead to implement it. In the event that the feng shui results generated were not as expected, you’re always welcomed to learn more about HAUR Feng Shui.

I’ll split the analysis into inauspicious areas and auspicious areas in order for comfort reading. I’ll first show the analysis done using Xuan Kong Feng Shui. Subsequently, I’ll reveal to you how our HAUR Feng Shui analyze differently.


The Inauspicious Areas In 2013

(1) Southwest

  • Hosting star “5 yellow” and star “2 black”. Combination 2-5 will accelerate occurrence of deathly accidents and attract illness. Female who lives in this area has high probabilities of facing fatality. Xuan Kong Feng Shui will suggest to hang wind chime; to place some metal coins and put a metal container with some water plant in it.
  • HAUR Feng Shui viewed this area actually as the most significant area to generate wealth. With the correct decoration, you’ll essentially create your own INSTANT MONEY PRINTER here!


(2) Northwest

  • Hosting star “9 purple” and star “6 white”. Combination 9-6 will cause unpleasant bleeding injuries and severe diseases, especially the male who stays in this area. If the main door of your property is located in this area, the life of the men in this property will be at tremendous risks. Xuan Kong Feng Shui will propose either to put some water plants such as water bamboo (to generate happiness) or locate a ceramic items for instance, bull statue and mountain-shape stones to counter the destructive influence.
  • Haur Feng Shui sees this area inversely. Our knowledge and experiences confirmed this area in fact is the key location to trigger improvement in ecstasy and reputations with just some minor feng shui add-on. Too many of our cases with different properties sitting directions encountered this 9-6 or 6-9 star combination every years and months since Period 7. Though, all the harmful impacts illustrated by Xuan Kong School’s Purple-White Script only happened in blue moon. In fact, by natural you’ll enjoy the auspicious Qi of this area without providing any treatment.


(3) Southeast

  • Hosting the star “4 green” and star “7 red”. Xuan Kong define this combination will cause affairs for women and constant tensions among the female house members. Additionally, star “7 red” represented arguments and quarrels will demolish the romance and educational Star “4 green”. This is the elemental effect of “metal slashing wood”. This area will provoke fights and conflicts which later will remove your love lucks and romance. Also, it will initiate foolishness as well as irrationality. Xuan Kong School teaches us to place a water fountain at this area in order to convert all the negative Qi of Star “7 red” to boost the positive Qi of Star “4 green”.
  • Haur Feng Shui considered this is a very complicated area with good and bad results. This area principally will draw unpleasant legal confrontation and unexpected accidents to the men. Simultaneously, this area also attracts countless “love luck” or romance for individuals. Proper feng shui setup of this area can easily multiply your investment returns and business profits. All you need to do is put a LED light with 9 LED light bulbs here and ensure to ON it every night. In addition, this area will generate positive results without any negative impacts if individuals with life Gua “2” utilizing it.


(4) East

  • Hosting star “6 white” and star “3 jade”. According to Xuan Kong Feng Shui’s method, the Period star “6 white” is a virtuous star but had already passed its era and no longer powerful anymore. Hence, Period star “6 white” is unable to control or restraint the strong damaging star “3 jade” (the original owner of the East) efficiently. Ordinary Xuan Kong Feng Shui master will advise either to put a six levels mini pagoda to strengthen the power of star “6 white” or to put three numbers of Qilin (Chinese chimerical creature) statue to fight the star “3 jade”. Whereas, the advance Xuan Kong Feng Shui master will recommend placing nine red horses here to establish the trio star combination 3-6-9. This 3-6-9 trio star combination will unlock substantial exultation and euphoria for this area.
  • Haur Feng Shui evaluate this area differently as it will generate extensive money, status and power in 2013. Just either put a glass of salt water or place 3 pots of bamboos with 8 bamboos in each pot here. This is the best place for individuals with life Gua “8”. However, this area is generally bad for relationship and is extremely prohibited for pregnant ladies.


(5) Center

  • Hosting star “5 yellow” and star “8 white”. Xuan Kong delineate wealth will be produced along with sickness and sadness. The remedy is to put six gold coins or a 6 levels pagoda at this place to convert the inauspicious Qi of “5 yellow” into authority, influential power and reputation.
  • Haur Feng Shui advised that no treatment required for this area because it is truly an auspicious area. The annual flying star “5 yellow” is not a violent viral star here indeed. In fact, by natural this area will facilitate in breeding your health and wealth. Simply putting unnecessary coins or pagoda will destroy the original good Qi here.


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