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Billionaire Feng Shui™ For Successful Boss (1): Office Feng Shui – The Backdrop Behind Your Seat

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In the next few upcoming posts, I’m going to share out the real reliable and effective office feng shui that most people never know about in a series I call “Billionaire Feng Shui™ For Successful Boss”. The first sharing is the backdrop selection behind your seat.

The Story of A Successful Billionaire Boss Begins From A Room

The very first priority to have a Billionaire Feng Shui for a successful boss is to have a successful billionaire room. Today, in the market there are two popular ways to determine the room location for a leader in an office: Using Eight Mansion method to obtain the static auspicious location and using flying stars method to discover the dynamic auspicious location.

However, as emphasized many many times, Eight Mansion is a false Feng Shui method and should not be encouraged to use at all.

Also, the Xuan Kong flying star method is partially correct in term of the fundamental flying orientation but the concept of using flying stars to find out the water/facing stars (located at the top right corner) and the mountain/sitting stars (located at the top left corner) is an assumption creation by Master Shen Zhu Ren during Qing Dynasty which should not be nurtured. 

In fact, to uncover the best location for the boss’s room is to use the “Sequencing Stars Method” of HAUR Feng Shui®. Though, we will discuss this in our final post of the series.

After selected the location for the room, the next important big thing is to determine the best location for the desk and seat. The significant key idea here is to find the correct backdrop behind your seat!

The Backdrop Behind Your Seat

Yes! The backdrop selection behind your seat is extremely significant in sustainability to become a successful boss! The billion dollars tip that not many people know here is it actually also decides the wealth configuration of a boss. The wealth configuration can be billionaire, millionaire, ‘zero-in-aire’ and ‘wind-up-in-the-aire’. Now, the billion dollars question here is: “What is the best backdrop design behind your seat?”

Despite so many different Feng Shui school though, almost every famous Feng Shui celebrities and consultants are in the same one voice: “The back of your seat must have a strong object to act as a leaning mountain that supports you and back you up! “. As a result, their first valuable recommendation is: “You must have a very solid, tall and firm wall behind your seat with add-on and enhancement items to act as your supporting mountain.”

Often, most of the Feng Shui celebrities and consultants, especially from the “decorative item school” will further recommend you to buy and encourage you to put thousands of things like statues of Buddha; statue of Guan Yu (the God of War); statues of Trio-Stars Fortune-Prosperity-Longevity; artificial mountains; crystals; stones of Dragon-God; pagodas; buildings model; vaults; Bonsai; paintings and photographs of mountains. Anyone who had tried applying this and eventually failed will lose confidence in Feng Shui. Are you one of them?

Well, throughout our experience and practice, the common application above are meaningless and inaccurate. Many bosses chosen to believe the above common feng shui practice had either caused their cash rich large capital firms to be trimmed down to a negative cash flows small enterprise or frequently resigned from a publicly owned company.

Billionaire Feng Shui™ – The Right Backdrop You Never Expect!

Unlike others, HAUR Feng Shui® is always different and standouts from all other Feng Shui schools. Our Billionaire Feng Shui™ For Successful Boss recommends you to must have an unlimited and unreachable empty space behind your seat. In other word, you need a large window behind your seat!

The window will lead you to the unlimited and unreachable scene outside the office building. Of course, the window should not be blinded by curtains or blinds all the time. This is to ensure the view outside the building always can be seen.

Then, subsequently what type of view is the best in achieving Billionaire Feng Shui™ For Successful Boss? This can be a billion dollars answer whereby majority of the Feng Shui celebrities out there charged you at rocket prices but gives you pathetic solutions!

So, what will it be? Mountains? Tall skyscrapers? trees? towers?

You’ll never expect this answer: Oceans, Seas, Lakes & Rivers!

You’ll be educated on the reasoning and knowledge behind if you signed up for our private COACHING.

Not to forget, the distance between your seat and the window while you’re sitting on the chair should not be more than 2 feet. This is to warrant you continuously acquires the full advantage of your backdrop behind your seat!

Please remember, only if you use your seat and desk often, the office feng shui will become effective!

Don’t believe?!

As of March 2013, Chinese Tycoon Li Ka-Shing’s net worth of USD31 billionsDonald Trump’s net worth is about USD3.2 billionsBill Gates’ net worth is USD67 billions; and Warren Buffett’s net worth is USD53.5 billions. Look at the following photographs and see how’s their seats and backdrop in their office.

Li Ka Shing Office Donald Trump Office


 Warren Buffett Office

To learn more about Billionaire Feng Shui For Successful Boss and looking for reliable awesome Feng Shui Consultants, kindly contact HAUR Feng Shui at our CONTACT US page.

May the auspicious Qi always be with you…

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