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6 Astonish Secrets That Feng Shui Creates Wealth Successfully

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One of the mighty strength and also the major public focus of Feng Shui is the untold powerful capability to fortunize you by creating humongous wealth! More than 95% of the applications or cases are to focus on generating wealth and attracting constructive opportunities. Today, the ability of a reliable Feng Shui Master should be very much depends on how much money can they help theirs clients made. This particular skill had become their ” Superbowl ” of professional living.
Though, many Feng Shui masters or practitioners mass-produced today had failed to create wealth for theirs clients. Perhaps RadioShack had employed them to Feng Shui audit the stores before? What if we asked a Feng Shui master stand us a chance to win the Powerball’s Jackpot ? Is the Feng Shui celebrity you’re following now is one of these people? As such, we are going to share with you the “6 Astonish Secrets That Feng Shui Creates Wealth Successfully”

Secret #1: Feng Shui Setup Should Focus On The Owners Rather Than The House Sectors

It is very common, when a Feng Shui master or practitioner is invited to audit a building and particular a commercial building, many of them will focus on the wealth sector of the building. Regardless of whichever Feng Shui schools there’re from, their main focus is primarily on finding the greatest wealth generation within the building, suggest some Feng Shui orientation settings and strongly recommend the house owners or the boss to fully utilize that area. Assuming what the Feng Shui master or practitioner said is correct and the setup is perfect for that wealth generating sector in the building, but we doubt it could effectively bring positive results to the house owner or the boss. This is simply because the particular wealth generating sector in the building might not be the appropriate effective wealth generating sector for the house owners or the boss. Remember! The key #1 Secret is: to get fortunized, find out the right and effective wealth Feng Shui sector of a person before the building.
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Secret #2: Beware of The Misleading 45° Degree From Entrance Door

In some Taiwan Land Form Feng Shui for home, there is a very common no-hard-work way to determine Feng Shui Wealth sector in a building. The rule of thumb is simple: “From the main entrance door, 45° towards the diagonal wall corner is the ‘Obvious’ Feng Shui Wealth sector in the building”.
This easy-to-use method is one of the very commonly used tactic for a sales oriented & commercialized Feng Shui practitioners. You could have seen these thousand times on Feng Shui video shows, particularly Taiwan-made television programs. This misleading 45° Degree not only ignores the individual (human) elements like gender, age, etc. but also disregard the element of the building including house sitting direction, air flows, Qi, the sequencing stars orientation, Yin-Yang factor, etc. What a wholly scam! The key #2 Secret is: believing in the Wealth Feng Shui rules that unrelated to the building and human will turn your fortunes 45° Degree away from your pocket.

Secret #3: Never Ever Identify The Wealth Sector In A House Using Xuan Kong Flying Stars

Everyone in every year is using the popular but flawed Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui method to determine the Wealth Sector at home and office. For whichever sector inside the building is receiving the flying stars of “1” or “6” or “8”, these sectors are the important Wealth Sectors within that particular year, then place necessary coherent items for boosting the fortunes. The Flying Stars Feng Shui masters or practitioners will include the individuals’ Life Gua into the system to “humanize” this Feng Shui method for relating the Wealth Sector of the building is also the Wealth Sector of an individual. Though, if you had followed and apply this popular Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui for many years, you could have now realize that you are not getting any prominent results at all.  You can read more about the flawed Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui method in our popular article: ” Xuan Kong Feng Shui (Flying Star Feng Shui) Is Dying? “ . The key #3 Secret is: try to forget the Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui Method if it had not generated any obvious fortunes for you over the past few years .  

Secret #4: Don’t Use The Faulty Eight Mansion Feng Shui To Determine Wealth Sector In A House

As we restlessly telling everyone who have ears for harsh advice, we keep stressing that the Eight Mansions Feng Shui Method is a falsified creation during the Tang Dynasty in China. Some China resources even proved that the successful rate of Eight Mansion Feng Shui Method to determine wealth sector is only around 2%, which is extremely low and totally insignificant! The Eight Mansions Feng Shui’s way to determine wealth sector base on the building’s sitting directions are as follows:
  • Sitting NW – Wealth sector at SW
  • Sitting SW – Wealth sector at NW
  • Sitting NE – Wealth sector at W
  • Sitting W – Wealth sector at NE
  • Sitting N – Wealth sector at S
  • Sitting S – Wealth sector at N
  • Sitting E – Wealth sector at SE
  • Sitting SE – Wealth sector at E

The extremely rigid and reasonableness mechanism in determining wealth sector by Eight Mansions Feng Shui Method is ridiculous and totally unpromising at all. If you have been practicing or following the Eight Mansion Feng Shui method to determine and setup wealth sector, we bet either you’re already in deteriorating financial problems or had abandon this Feng Shui knowledge. The key #4 Secret is: apply this Eight Mansion Feng Shui right away to all your buildings so you can be another confident user to share the unfortunate experiences.


Secret #5: Understand What Is The Nominal Wealth Feng Shui Sector

One of the most astonishing secret we must reveal is that, no matter which Feng Shui school or whatever method to be used in determining the wealth sector in a building, they’re all trying to find out what HAUR Feng Shui® has called “Nominal Wealth Feng Shui Sector”. Nominal Wealth Feng Shui Sector is actually a stringently verified Real Perpetual Wealth Feng Shui sector inside a building. Currently, all the Feng Shui methods in the market is unable to correctly and precisely demarcate the Nominal Wealth Feng Shui Sector inside a building. The Nominal Wealth Feng Shui Sector is only able to be identified based on the combination of HAUR Feng Shui® Sequencing Stars Method and the Internal Land Form Feng Shui of a building. The Nominal Wealth Feng Shui Sector is constant and unchanged throughout time but only becoming sturdier or milder throughout time. It is like a mighty giant vault storing infinite golds hiding behind the invisible thin air. Only people who can discover the Nominal Wealth Feng Shui Sector inside the building will have entrance to begin creating unlimited wealth or fortunes. The key #5 Secret is: begin to realize and uncover your buildings’ Nominal Wealth Feng Shui Sector because this is the only entrance to generate perpetual fortunes. 
Haur Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui

Secret #6: The Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui Sector Is The Only Ultimate Key For Your Bottomless Wealth

If you had coincidentally detected the Nominal Wealth Feng Shui Sector inside your houses or office, but are you the one who owned the key to open the mighty treasure vault? Yes, the “who” here is the significant factor! Only the person who naturally holds the secret key could open the vault and take away the wealth easily! Everyone by nature owned a key to theirs Personal Wealth Feng Shui Sector. These Personal Wealth Feng Shui Sectors are constant and unchanged regardless of any building and its sitting direction throughout time but only getting stronger or softer. When your Personal Wealth Feng Shui Sector is exactly at the Nominal Wealth Feng Shui Sector in your building, this sector is what we named as HAUR Feng Shui® Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui Sector. Many Feng Shui schools seemed pretended to know about this idea or wealth linkage between building and human by using wrongfully approach such as Feng Shui Life Gua or Eight Mansion East-West Four Life method, etc. But the fact is, those approaches which frequently applied by many Feng Shui celebrities or masters since old days and even now days had failed to create wealth effectively until deteriorate the reputation of Feng Shui. The key #6 Secret is: ensure read again and remember our Secret 1 to Secret 6 then find out your HAUR Feng Shui® Permanent Effective Welath Feng Shui Sector immediately. You’ll be able to create marvelous wealth at once.  

HAUR Feng Shui® is always different and standouts from all other Feng Shui schools.

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