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2012 World End and The Chinese’s Prophecy Book – “Tui Bei Tu”

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Tui Bei Tu (推背图), also known as “Push-Back Sketch” is a Chinese prophecy book created during the seventh century that contained clues and hints which can lead us to predict the future of the world. It comprised of sixty sketches and each of them accompanied by a relevant poem.

In the Mayan Calendar, it shows that on December 21st, 2012 the whole world will enter into a new piktun. A lot of researchers or analysts had revealed that the ancient Maya text named this day as the Doomsday for the world or “2012 World End Day”.

Doomsday does not mean the end day right? The Mayan mentioned on this day, everything will be cleanup, purified, regenerated and recuperated. A new God and believe will occurred to enhance or replace the previous.

But, how true is the Mayan’s prophecy? 

Will the so called Doomsday come to us on time?

Well, perhaps we could find something similar in the Tui Bei Tu?

The 52th sketch of Tui Bei Tu is the prophecy for 2012, as shown below: 

52th Sketch of Tui Bei Tu

The accompanied poem of this sketch:

conflicts will begin on the east side of the world;

every piece of the land will be remained protected by their current ruling power;

the invasion will not persist for a long period;

reshuffling of the world will take place in the year of dragon.

The last sentence in this poem mentioned reshuffling of the world, which is having the similar meaning to the Mayan’s “cleanup, purified, regenerated and recuperated”.

The first sentence in this poem mentioned conflicts on the east side of the world. Does this ring the bells?

Yes! The political conflict and tension between China and Japan on the ownership of the “Islands” had just began to escalated. Is this telling us the prophecy is realizing?

The poem also mentioned invasion. Is the invasion from external world (other universe) ?

We are unsure yet but the poem told us that the invasion will be ended very fast if it happened and the people will be protected throughout the invasion.

The similarity between Tui Bei Tu and Mayan’s Calendar had converged to at least one solid idea – The restructuring of our world is going to take place in the end of 2012. Either good or bad, we must be prepared ourselves for any challenges and more importantly is to protect our family in order to live a better life.      


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