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Xi JinPing #2 – The Rider Who Flies The Giant Elephant China

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In our featured article titled: “Xi JinPing #1 – A Stunning Special Formation Of Face Reading” we had explosively revealed that Chairman Xi JinPing owns the unique “Elephant” special formation in face (and body) reading. We already knew that an individual with the “Elephant” special formation, will definitely be fantastically enjoying eternal wealth and being ethically famous worldwide.
Now, the trillion “Renminbi” question here is: “Can Chairman Xi JinPing lift China to rise as the most powerful yet welcomed nation on earth, and bring back the Golden Era to China? ” So, do you think Chairman Xi is the best fit leader for China now?
The future of China is extremely dependable on Chairman Xi of course and his leadership now. To answer that trillion “Renminbi” question, we must first generally understand China from a very special Geographical viewpoint.

HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Reveal #1: China Is Neither Dragon Nor Rooster!

Many other nations or majority of the people on Earth have the impression of China is equivalent to Dragon. Everyone would have think that Dragon perfectly represents China currently and historically. Economist, strategist and philosophers always like to describe China as the Dragon and her citizens as the Dragon Nation (龙的传人). All the Emperors in China loves to use the symbol or tot tum of Dragon, but had also continuously failed dynasty by dynasty until whoever seized over the authority in hand had ceased using the tot tum of Dragon.
Give yourselves a small imagination test now. If you look at the world map on China as shown in the following, what can you see?
So, what do you actually see from the map of China? Can you see any dragon or shape of dragon?
Some people thought that the land of China looks like a rooster, many people might had agreed with this also. If ought to be a rooster, it is more like a rooster weighted by a mighty giant rock on its back (Mongolia, Russia & Kazakhstan), right? However, the land of China is NOT in a rooster shape because it only looks more like a rooster unless you must consider combining the land shape of Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.
Perhaps, you might not be aware what does it looks like! Lets us tell you some insight of China!
From the world map, geographically the land of China is actually looks like an Elephant’s head.
Yes! Is an Elephant’s head!
China was a sleeping giant Elephant but not sleeping Dragon as described by many strategist, economist and philosophers previously. Now the sleeping giant Elephant is awake!
In fact, more accurately the actual shape of China mainland is exactly like an Elephant’s head drinking water with its trunk, sucking the unlimited water from South China Sea, East China Sea and Pacific Ocean.
Do not believe? So, what’s the connection with Chairman Xi JinPing? You might already sensed something similar.
Not to worry, be patient! More insights are about to come.

HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Reveal #2: The Sign of One Belt One Road

The launching of “One Belt One Road” (Chinese: 一带一路; pinyin: Yídài yílù, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative; or “OBOR“) is one of the mightiest visionary strategic framework of China politically, financially and economically in 21st Century.
Extensively promoted by Chairman Xi JinPing at the BoAo Forum on March 28, 2015, the entire framework comprised of the land-based Silk Road Economic Belt and the Maritime Silk Road. This framework is not only a grand masterpiece bestowed by the perspective of economical, financial and political but it is very much contributed by the perspective of Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui.
Do not believe? Checkout the following route map of One Belt One Road.
Can you see it again?
It is an Elephant’s head again!
The Elephant this time is roaring to the west. Its mind is thinking of homeland; ears hearing voices of Asia; eyes staring black gold in Middle East; trunk sucking cash flows from Europe; and teeth extending to the crops in Africa.

HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Reveal #3: Ultimately China Got Her Perfect Rider!

Can you visual it? What a coincident! Perhaps pre-planned! Just as shown in the picture above, the combination of the China’s Land and the route map of One Belt One Road is exactly like two Elephant heads, back-to-back, facing East and West to the world!
So now does it rings the bell to you? Do you still remember what special formation in face (body) reading of Chairman Xi JinPIng?
The key connection between China, One Belt One Road and Chairman Xi JinPing is “Elephant”.
“Elephant” is the one and only key word that can bring China leap into the ultimate historical record of Golden Era. 
Chairman Xi JinPing is the only world leader of a nation who owns the “Elephant” special formation. He is the ONE and ONLY unique “Elephant Rider” at the right time and right place, who is powerful to ride the two giant elephants – China (with population nearly 1.4 billions) and the One Belt One Road Strategy, maneuvering them to fly into the Golden Era and create multiple winnings situations together with the rest of the world.
Elephant is highly intelligent and kind. These two giant elephants are female. In Yi JIng, Sky is equivalent to singular, Father and elderly male; whereas Earth (land) is equivalent to plural, Mother and elderly female. A male “Elephant Rider” is riding on TWO giant female Elephants (facing to the East and West respectively) in which we categorized it as a perfect match. Elephant is particularly altruistic even to other species and creatures. Altruistic means selfless concern for welfare of every others. Elephant has incredible abilities and marvelous insights to read and sense the needs of every living species (Don’t you think what China is doing now perfectly match this? The formation of AIIB, the launch of OBOR and the establishment of BRICS Reserve).
Elephant will risk its life to protect others. Isn’t this is what is happening now? China’s launched of OBOR have moved herself to the front line, protecting Russia from direct collision with United States. With the Unites States changing focus to China’s AIIB, Russian Ruble had resurrected with strong bounce back against US Dollars since March 2015.
For the welfare of the nation, Chairman Xi JinPing begun to penalize the long rooted corruptions in the states and continuously releasing creative monetary/economic policies to guide China moving into her new norm. For the welfare of the world, China had introduced its One Belt One Road Strategy, creating multiple ways of economic benefits to all related parties; initiated the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, helping many countries to improve their infrastructures and upgrade the living lifestyle of many people; jointly establishing BRICS Reserve, helping countries which are in sanctions by United States; and had direct currencies trade with 31 countries to avoid the US Dollars vacuum.
You might find this unbelievable. However, from what we’d discussed, can you visualize a vision? A vision that an Elephant Rider standing on the back of two flying giant elephants, bulldozing to the countries of the West and the East. Its speed is lightning; its momentum is mountain; and its impact is tsunami! The rest of the world could not have time, chances, resources, bargaining powers to resist it (and all the benefits)!
So, in our conclusion, we definitely think that Chairman Xi JinPing is marvelous and he is the ONLY Rider who can Flies The Giant Elephant – China now!

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