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Xi JinPing #1 – A Stunning Special Formation Of Face Reading

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Xi JinPing
On March 28, 2015 during the BoAo Forum at Hainan, China’s Chairman Xi JinPing had further announced more details to the world on the global game changing economic strategy framework – Silk Road Economic Belt, also well known as “One Belt One Road” (OBOR). This initiative is known to be significantly threatening the ruling role of IMF and World Bank established via the Bretton Woods System, such as establishing the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). This framework is also being read as the rise of Renminbi (China’s currency) internationalization to challenge the position of US Dollar in human’s history after the failures of EURO, Japanese Yen, Deutsche Mark & Pound Sterling.
Is China able to bring new interface and experience to the world after World War II? Can China begin to challenge the financial and economical dominance of United States from now onward? The next coming 5 – 10 years is the critical era for the desired world political and economical changes. Will China’s chief leader – Chairman Xi JinPing able to drive it through? Perhaps we can have a glance at Chairman Xi JinPing with HAUR Feng Shui® Face Reading.

HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Reveal #1: The Futile Standard Face Reading Gives Skewed Result

In current market, many Feng Shui celebrities and masters are still using the Common Face Reading method in teaching or making television programs, which we called the “Futile Standard Face Reading Method”, as introduced in our very popular articles about Jack Ma: “Jack Ma, Face Reading Feng Shui Celebrities Wrong Again!“. In fact, most of them did not even being exposed to the Special Formation of Face Reading. As a result, many loyal yet defensive followers, practitioners and students of them had via multiple communication platforms questioning us on the Special Formation of Face Reading. However, there are also some open-minded students and practitioners sincerely contacted us for further educations.
When Chairman Xi JinPing come to see a Feng Shui master who is professionally practicing the Common Face Reading Method during his age of 20, what advice will he get? Will it be something like this:
  • Forehead low (hairline low) and slightly sunken with multiple broken wrinkle lines; appeared to have “V-Shape hair-line” at forehead, known as “Golden Rooster Pecking Seal (金鸡啄印)” – difficult to have high social status and hopeless to climb the political or corporate ladder; unable to obtain assist from good noblemen; low education level; and always argue with guardians/parent. 
  • Big nose with fat nose-head but the starting point of the nose between the eyes or “mountain root (山根)” and the nose bridge are low; yet the entire nose is bias to the left face – with a nonpoisonous heart but any achievements and wealth obtained in early age unable to be brought across the age of 40. After 40 years old, he will face downtrend and everything needs to be rebuilt again. Between 40 – 50, social status is low but have great opportunities to earn money via unfair advantages.
  • The nasolabial folds (laugh lines) are considerably short, non-symmetrical and not wide enough – the weight of words is light and unconvincing; insufficient authority to control more people or attract followers effectively after 60 year-old.
  • Jaws imbalance for both sides and with short chin located near the neck – will encounter accident while away from homeland and have difficulties during late life.
Whether the Common Face Reading is true or not? You can compare it with Chairman Xi’s biography.

HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Reveal #2: The Special Formation Of Chairman Xi JinPing

In fact, most of us did not realize that Chairman Xi JinPing is actually owning a special formation in Face (also body) Reading, just like Alibaba‘s founder – Jack Ma. HAUR Feng Shui® categorized Chairman Xi’s special formation in Face (Body) Reading as “Elephant”. Can you see it?
The “Elephant” special formation is one of a few Highest-Rated formation in Face (Body) Reading. More precisely, the exact (or subcategory) special formation of Chairman Xi JinPing is named ” Feed Searching Elephant™ “. The prominent beauty of this special formation is the ability to gather people everywhere to create stunning affair aside from enjoying eternal humongous wealth and widespread reputation particularly at the elderly ages.

HAUR Feng Shui® Explosive Reveal #3: Chairman Xi JinPing Teleports China Into Its Golden Era?

China is currently facing deep economical problems with the GDP crawling not to fall from 7%. The massive shut down of steel mills and coal factories due to lack of demand; the great slowdown in manufacturing sector; the sharp rise in numbers of zombie firms; the burst of real estate bubbles, etc. With all these severe hiccups, China has finally came to the crucial lines as they redefined it as “the new norm”. With the China state has begun its signature quantitative easing (QE), establishment of Silk Road Infrastructure Fund and initiated the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, China is more likely getting ready to transform from a world factory into a world financial center and dominant exchange hub. 
China is under the leadership of her new Chairman – Xi JinPing now. Can Chairman Xi JinPing with the “Elephant” special formation in Face Reading teleport China into its golden era? Can China begin its journey of glory just like its splendid history before and last for many hundreds years?
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