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Jack Ma, Face Reading Feng Shui Celebrities Wrong Again!

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Thanks to Jack Ma, on September 19, the IPO of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA) leaped 38%, making it the biggest IPO ever to hit Wall Street (CNN Money, 2014).
Congratulations! Jack Ma! The company you’d founded just impossibly surpassed Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) in market capitalization. Had anyone ever imagined you could accomplished such achievement before? Perhaps, even many Feng Shui celebrities cannot read you correctly from their face reading.
Recently, if you noticed, many forums are having discussion about Jack Ma’s success story is against the result of his face reading or face analysis. Hence, many Feng Shui practitioners even celebrities are confused and doubtful on this subject. They could not give answer, maybe except some few non-famous Feng Shui masters that I acknowledged in China.

It seems that we always like to criticize the popular Chinese Astrology knowledge in the market but what are we trying to do is actually to alert everyone to meticulously learn Feng Shui knowledge from reliable source rather than base on the popularity of the source. Let me tell you the truth of Jack Ma’s Face Reading/Analysis, please do not be astonished that tons of money you spent were worthless and what had your Feng Shui celebrities taught you might be as great as waste. If you’re not interested in Jack Ma’s face reading but you’re more willingly to know his Bazi formation, then you must not miss this article : “Jack Ma – Another Success Story of A Special Bazi Formation”


HAUR Feng Shui® Exclusive Disclosure #1: The Futile of Common Face Reading Is True

If you follow the basic sequence on the path to be a Great Feng Shui Master, accurately reading or analyzing a person from his/her face is the priority before you should try to do anything further. If Jack Ma visited you for a face reading/analysis during his teenage, what will you advise him?
If Jack Ma came to see you during his age of 28, how will you judge him? The following is the picture of Jack Ma in year 1995.
Follow the standard face reading method, many Feng Shui celebrities (you can buy their books from the market everywhere) might tell you that
His head shape is round and his forehead is full and wide, should be clever in study, encounter many noblemen and have a luxury life before age of 27 (year 1991); however Jack Ma will not be doing very well and having worsen financial problems around year 1996 – 1997 because having eyebrows with divergent & spread tails; Jack Ma’s eye shape is sunken, relatively near to eyebrows, narrow, watery, and lack of sharpness showed great challenges in his career path, difficulties in generating wealth and might encountered legal issues between 1998 to 2004; his nose does not rooted directly straight from the ophryon but from between the eyes with wide opening nostril and thin ala of nose which all of these indicated unable to achieve great social status and very weak in generating fortunes after 2004; Jack Ma’s Philtrum is short and shallow reflecting he is lazy, laid-back and unable to obtain success in career from age of 50 onward (equivalent to year 2014). 
But the fact is:
He only begun to venture his first business – a translation company and makes money after year 1991. In 1997, he actually earned around RMB5 mil from his website namely “China Yellowpages”. In the same year, he and his team facilitates the Chinese government to setup official websites for international trades & exports. Jack Ma started Alibaba.com in 1999 and raised a total of USD25 mil from Softbank, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Yahoo, etc between 1999 and 2000. He was on the cover page of Forbes in year 2000; selected by China Central Television as one of the Top Ten Business Leader in 2004; selected by World Economic Forum as Young Global Leader in 2005; named by Fortune in the same year as one of the 25 Most Powerful Business People In Asia; and of course, recently he had successfully made Alibaba.com to be listed on NYSE with its market cap surpassed Facebook, Inc.
Why? From which part of the standard Face Reading had told you the ambition, the wealth category and the huge success of Jack Ma ? If you still force yourself to match his success with the rightfully application of the standard Face Reading method, won’t you feel irritating and awful?
So what’s the secret?  

HAUR Feng Shui® Exclusive Disclosure #2: There Are Also Special Formations In Face Reading

If you are following our blog, you must be familiar with our popular post: “17 Special Formations of Bazi Chart You Must Know To Become A Pro“. Yes! this also happens to Face Reading!
In Face Reading or Face Analysis, there are always special formations. All the Feng Shui celebrities will not teach you special formation of face reading because most of them do not even know about it as well. In ancient Face reading knowledge like HAUR Feng Shui®, there is a proverb like this: “Head is inferior to the face; face is inferior to the body”. Hence, only the unity or integrity between head, face and body is achieved can form a special formation that brought enormous achievements and success on earth. We’ll talk more in depth about the special formations of Face Reading in our upcoming articles.
So the trillion dollar question is, what is Jack Ma’s special formation in face reading?
HAUR Feng Shui® is now going to tell you! Put aside all the standard Face Reading techniques or ‘Mian’ Skills or ‘Xiang” skills learnt from your Feng Shui idols. Jack Ma’s face reading (more accurately is the entire person from head to leg) is categorized in a special formation we named “Cobra”. More importantly, Jack Ma is born in the year of Dragon. As such, his special formation will immediately transformed into another higher category which is the “Dragon”!
So the analysis became simple: Jack Ma begun as a “Cobra”, dealing with mud and grass until he meet the right “wind” and “cloud” then transformed into a marvelous “Dragon” to fly up high and wild. We’ll share the details of this special formation Face Reading such as the age of the trough and peak for this special formation, ONLY with our VVIP clients or customers who subscribed our HAUR Feng Shui® Advanced Analysis (Offsite)™  For Commercial Buildings. 

HAUR Feng Shui® is always different and standouts from all other Feng Shui schools.

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