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Cheong Soon Haur, the founder of HAUR Feng Shui® and HAURology® system, is a low profile but all-rounded professional Chinese Astrology Master. Soon Haur is also well known as an entrepreneur who dropped his footprint in various business including property development, branding & marketing, and information technology. He inherited the very secret and practical knowledge of the real and effective Chinese Ancient Royal Feng Shui from China (non of the popular Feng Shui celebrities in any languages you familiar with had learnt this true method; non of the popular Feng Shui books in the market had published this knowledge), then refined and evolved it to become a brand new extremely efficient knowledge – HAUR Feng Shui®


Soon Haur & Dato' Sri Gavin Tee

Master Cheong Soon Haur and Property Guru Dato’ Sri Gavin Tee at Investment Conference In XiaMen China. 2017

Over the past many years, HAUR Feng Shui® is proven with achievement in superb accuracy (exceeding 90%) and recorded the fastest effective period (in 3 days) in generating great wealth, health, relations and opportunities compared with Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui, Eight Mansion Feng Shui, San He Feng Shui,  Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui (XKDG), Qian Kun Guo Bao Feng Shui (Dragon Gate Eight Formation), Cross Road Yin Yang Feng Shui (Golden Lock Jade Gateway), Fan Gua Feng Shui (Flipping Hexagram Feng Shui), Bazi Feng Shui, and all other Feng Shui methods. Our success stories including billionaire businessmen, entertainment celebrities, property developers, agricultural & mining millionaires, politicians, start up entrepreneurs, and more.

Soon Haur & Datuk Daing Malek

Master Cheong Soon Haur was invited by his very old-time client Datuk Daing A. Malek (adviser & long-time friend to the King of Johor Province in Malaysia) for dinner few months before his acquisition on a publicly listed company in Malaysia. 2013

In the earlier era, inspired by his dad who was a professional Feng Shui master, Soon Haur has inherited and practiced the full knowledge of including Feng Shui, (destiny reading and design), Yi Jing (I-Ching), Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star 
), and other ancient knowledge since the age of twelve years old.


Soon Haur & Dato'Ng

Master Cheong Soon Haur and Dato’Ng Kek Kiong at Global Strategic Forum In Beijing, China. 2016

Being an all-rounded professional Chinese Metaphysics Consultant specializing in every aspect, Soon Haur has been traveling around the world to serve his client all out, primarily in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, United States, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Switzerland, and Italy.

After the Feng Shui period has changed from Period Seven to Period Eight since year 2004, he was surprised by the statistics resulted from his research done in year 2006, shown extremely low accuracy and unconvincing effectiveness achieved by all the existing Feng Shui methodology popularly used  in the industry including the most famous schools of Xuan Kong Feng Shui (Flying Star Feng Shui), Eight Mansion Feng Shui, San He Feng Shui, Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui, Bazi Feng Shui, Cross Road Yin Yang Feng Shui, and Dragon-Gate Eight Formation Feng Shui.

Hence, Soon Haur began to do his own research and decryption on the ancient feng shui scripts and books while searching for the real Feng Shui Grand Master who absolutely mastered the true ancient Feng Shui.

Those ancient feng shui scripts are all written in Chinese old language or poem. All Feng Shui schools have diverged explanations and perceptions on those ancient scripts and always claimed themselves as the most true Feng Shui school, inherited from the Great Grand Master Yang Jun Song, or from the pure lineage of Yang Gong Feng Shui. However, all their explanation are barely convincing even painted with colorful pictures because the on-site application no longer works. If someone tells you possitive Feng Shui needs many years to be effective, then why the negative Feng Shui already hurting you immediately? Not making sense right?

In the same year, through many searches and errors, finally he found a wisdom Feng Shui Guru hidden in China who inherited the AURA Feng Shui® – Ancient Ultimate Royal Auspicious Feng Shui®. This Guru does not reveal and teach the AURA Feng Shui to public at all.

Throughout so many uncountable examinations and tests in personal characteristics, ancient Feng Shui knowledges, mental smartness, psychological strengths and practical skills, the Guru finally accepted Soon Haur as his apprentice and trained him with everything he knows. This AURA Feng Shui® basically answered all the queries found in the ancient scripts and books, precisely logic and obviously shows results.

With less than a year, Soon Haur already mastered the AURA Feng Shui® and began to help people with it. In the mid of 2007, Soon Haur had integrated the core AURA Feng Shui® with all his practical Feng Shui experience, researches in ancient scripts and books, modernized and urbanized environment, digital and advance science variables and Yin Yang concept of Yi Jing to become HAUR Feng Shui®. Thereafter, Soon Haur started to help people with the HAUR Feng Shui® he founded in the dark for many years. This is an exclusively powerful unique where none in the market could compete with its effectiveness in an extremely large margin!

Now. he decided to surface his knowledge under the shinning sunlight! Read further in our Blog now!





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