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Jack Ma – Another Success Story of A Special Bazi Formation

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I believe you must have learned new Astrology knowledge in my previous article titled “Jack Ma | Face Reading Feng Shui Celebrities Wrong Again!” about Jack Ma. Many Feng Shui practitioners ‘graduated’ from other Feng Shui schools are denying to accept the flaws and incompetency of the Face Reading method in their schools.
Whatsoever, it is always your choice to accept or not. For people who are more blessed, they are always in the right path of Feng Shui and choose to accept our HAUR Feng Shui®. As promised, we’ll continue to discuss further about Jack Ma.
This time, we’ll talk about Jack Ma’s Bazi chart!

HAUR Feng Shui® Exclusive Disclosure #1: The Correct Version of Jack Ma’s Bazi Chart

There are several versions of Jack Ma’s Bazi Chart in the world of internet. However, according to our reliable source and networking, the following is the accurate version. 
The above chart is the combination of Bazi (Four Pillars) and Purple Star (Zi Wei Dou Shu) Chart for ease of cross checking. Please study the above Bazi chart carefully and find out what are Jack Ma’s Useful Gods and Favorite Elements? You can always cross check with the Purple star chart to strengthen your findings.
Got it? 
So, are your findings similar to the following?
  • Day Master’s Strength: Weak
  • Favorite Elements: Wood, Fire, Dry Earth
  • Disfavor Elements: Metal, Water, Moist Earth
If your results are exactly the same as the above, then… you are WRONG again! You are still unable to master the core concept of Bazi analysis!  

HAUR Feng Shui® Exclusive Disclosure #2: Jack Ma Is Also Having Special Bazi Formation

If you are following our blog, you must be familiar with our popular post: “17 Special Formations of Bazi Chart You Must Know To Become A Pro“.
Yes! this is another success story of Special Bazi Formation!
Jack Ma is having a Special Bazi Formation!
  • For Ordinary Feng Shui masters, they’ll analyse this Bazi as as Weak Day Master Bazi and take the balancing elements as the favorite elements, namely WOOD, FIRE, DRY EARTH.
  • For Advanced Feng Shui masters, they’ll analyse this Bazi as Strong Day Master Bazi because based on reputable old scripts, Ding Fire (丁) burns eternally on Jia Wood (甲). Thus, the Bazi formation became Body-Wealth Double Auspicious™ and the missing element – WATER, and MOIST EARTH will become the favorite elements.

Thought, BOTH analysis above are WRONG and unable to determine the precise favorite elements and Useful Gods for Jack Ma’s Bazi Chart.

With our HAUR Feng Shui® analysis, the real Special Bazi Formation of Jack Ma is Obey The Money™. Therefore, the favorite elements in his Bazi chart are METAL, EARTH, and WATER. As such, we can foresee Jack Ma will soon overtook mighty Billionaire Li Ka-Shing in the Forbes: The World’s Billionaires List

  • Metal = Currencies; Electromagnetic = AliPay; Yu’ E Bao; mobile network; e-commerce.
  • Water = Distribution channel; logistic; connectivity = Alibaba; TaoBao; TMall; AliWang.
  • Earth = Semi-conductor; computer devices; smartphones = Ali Cloud Computing.

Jack Ma will fit into the top #3 richest people in the world if AliPay gone for IPOs.

Don’t believe? Try match Jack Ma’s biography with this Special Bazi Formation and his Face Reading result in our article: “Jack Ma | Face Reading Feng Shui Celebrities Wrong Again!”, you can have a perfect trio-match! Hope you can learn something from us here!


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