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Bazi Reading – Determine Your Useful God and Favorite Elements Quickly

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It has been all time high people always ask for my quick check and opinion on the Useful God and favorite elements in their Bazi (Four Pillars) Charts. Average five people daily will send me requests via my blog’s Contact Form, asking me to help them precisely determine the correct favorite elements in their Bazi Charts. The key in Bazi analysis is to determine your own Useful God and favorite elements. Useful god in general means the significant key representing the timing to open the right door towards auspicious, propitious, fortunate, prosperity, lucky and happiness.

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The trickiness and mystification in determining the Useful Gods and favorite elements augmented particularly occurred in the special formation of Bazi Charts. The special Bazi chart formations were first among all been revealed in my earlier article:

Since so many of our readers (most of them learned destiny analysis using Bazi chart from somewhere else by someone else famous) having so much of hassles in concluding their own Useful Gods and favorite elements, we decided to help you resolve your problem once and for all. In view of that, we had innovatively launched a feature service. This service allows your own Bazi chart to be verified quickly for identifying the accurate Useful Gods and favorite elements. Hence, thereafter you can totally interpret your own Bazi analysis and predict your own future fortune all by yourself. If you’d engaged Feng Shui consultants to do a destiny analysis using Bazi method for you, you are encourage to use this useful service for cross checking their result.

“HAUR Feng Shui ® Pure Bazi Useful God Determination™”

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May the auspicious Qi always be with you !!!


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