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Bazi Chart Case Study: How To Know A Special Formation of Bazi Chart ?

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The internet universe and Google search engine are flooded with millions of Feng Shui blogs and Bazi blogs, posted by all levels of people ranging from rookie students to Feng Shui celebrities. Among them, I was kind a surprised that all three of my following published Bazi blog posts are being ranked within the top 5 by Google search engine on its first page:

Since published, these three articles have received tremendous view traffics from countless unique and returning visitors all over the world. Frankly, I did not expect so many readers interested in my articles! But I think these articles are worth to be read repeatedly right?

Some even told me that my blog contains high value of metaphysics knowledge, reading my articles are much more informative compared to attending some paid courses. Especially the article: “17 Special Formations of Bazi Chart You Must Know To Become A Pro” , I received a lot of feedback from worldwide students who attended expensive English Bazi courses, conducted by famous Feng Shui consultants and yet not being taught about the special formation of Bazi charts.

I’m currently engaged in developing and executing multiple projects in different business opportunities. However, my enthusiast to share with you had gone even stronger than before. Disclosing here is another Bazi chart case study for your review.

If you’d paid expensive fees and attended any advance Bazi analysis courses, I hope you should be able to analyze the given case study well. Otherwise, you’re either not sharpened your knife well or not meeting the right coach.


Bazi Chart Case Study From A Famous China Feng Shui Master.

This real-man’s Bazi chart is shared by a popular Feng Shui master from China who had more than 1.79 millions followers on his Tencent Weibo (apps similar to Twitter) account.  His analysis concluded that this Bazi Chart is not a Special Formation (Obey The Strong formation, 从强格) – because this Bazi owner had died in an accident in February year 2004 – a year with pillar of Yang Wood – Yang Metal (甲申), month pillar Yang Fire Bing – Yang Wood Yin (丙寅). Yang Metal Shen (申) and Yang Metal Geng (庚) in the main luck period are the auspicious “Useful God” for “Yin-Water’s Obey The Strong formation”, and this man should not encounter any fatal incident if his Bazi Chart is a special formation.

Is this Bazi Chart really not a special formation?

Lets take a look at this Bazi Chart:  

Man Died In Car Accident, Year 2004 (甲申)
Year Month Day Time
Yin Earth Ji Yin Water Gui Yin Water Gui Yang Fire Bing
Yin Metal You Yin Metal You Yin Earth Chou Yang Earth Chen
Main Luck Period:
1978-1987: 壬申 Yang Water Ren – Yang Metal Shen
1988-1997: 辛未 Yin Metal Xin – Yin Earth Wei
1998-2007: 庚午 Yang Metal Geng – Yin Fire Wu

Special Formation or Ordinary Formation?

Our analysis came across the following:

  1. Three harmony combination and six harmony combination of roots in all four pillars morphed the entire roots to form strong Metal elements only.
  2. With the powerful producing Metal environment from the roots, the Yin Water Gui (癸) day master grown impervious. 
  3. With all root environment became robust elementary Metal, Yin Earth Ji (己) and Yang Fire (丙) no longer rooted. Hence, Yin Earth Ji is weakened via producing supplies to the Metal root formation whereas Yang Fire Bing is fully exhausted by strong Metal root until it became insignificant.
  4. As a result, this is a Special Formation Bazi Chart we called “Obey The Strong Formation”, which favors Water element and Metal element in this case.

Why & How The Incident Happened?

Our route of analysis: 

  1. The pillar for year 2004 is Yang Wood Jia – Yang Metal Shen (甲申); respective month pillar Yang Fire Bing – Yang Wood Yin (丙寅), and the pillar of main luck period is Yang Metal Geng – Yin Fire Wu (庚午); what happened then?
  2. Yin Fire Wu from main luck period combined with Yang Wood Yin from the respective month pillar became three harmony fire root that completely destructed (we called it “broke”) the useful God – Yin Metal You in this Bazi Chart, which is also the core for all the root Metal’s harmony combination. Thus, they useful God of this special case is destroyed by the nemesis fire, caused all other earth roots returned to their own elements.
  3. The three harmony fire also will extinguish the Yang Metal Shen from year pillar of 2004, halted any supplying effects to the Yin Water Gui.
  4. Yang Wood Jia stem of the year combined with Yin Earth Ji stem in the bazi, taken away the supplying element for Metal as well as no longer be able to drain away the two powerful Yang Fire Bing. Both Yang Fire Bing are rooted at the three harmony fire formed and became extremely sturdy which can easily evaporate both Yin Water Gui in the Bazi Chart and terminate the Yang Metal Geng in the main luck period.
  5. As a result, we can confirm that how the owner of this Bazi chart died. It was actually due to a severe sudden heart attack, caused coma and breathless then triggered the deadly car accident. 

We had revealed the analysis route and process on fundamental of analyzing a Bazi Chart. We hope everyone could have benefited from this. We’ll share how we analyse another Bazi Chart Case Study very soon on a recently incident happened in Taiwan with the incomplete Bazi Chart.

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May the auspicious Qi always be with you…

special formationspecial formation


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