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Bazi Case Study: The Arguable Bazi of A Kunming Terrorist

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One of the terrorist who involved in the Kunming railway station incident had posted his birth detail for Bazi calculation under the nickname Frequency AC in a social platform before his planned attack. After the tragedy, his Bazi chart had became a great case study for many Feng Shui practitioners. The comments and opinions had flooded almost every social platforms and forums in various languages. It had caused tons of argumentation and debates on its Bazi formation, the useful gods and the favorite elements.Bazi Case of terroristThere are quite a numbers of my readers had requested for my opinion on this Bazi chart. I hope not to create another hullabaloo if I do this. Based on the information given by one of my followers, I’d just quickly plotted the Bazi chart together with Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology) chart, shown below: 

terrorist kunming
The trickiness and mystification in determining the Useful Gods and formations in this Bazi Chart mainly rested beneath the Trio-combination concept between the Year’s Earth Root (Wu, 午) and the Day Master’s Earth Root (Xu, 戌). This part is the key to demarcate whether this is a special Bazi formation or not!
As we can observe from this Bazi chart, the Horse character, Wu (午) in the year pillar in fact unable to form Semi-Trio-Combination set with the Dog character, Xu (戌) in the day pillar within the Bazi chart. This is very obvious because both are separated by the Dragon character, Chen (辰) in the month pillar. Dragon character, Chen is a strong direct challenger to the Dog character Xu, which caused dynamic collision thereafter the Dog character Xu is unable to statically bond with the Horse character. Some practitioners said that based on the natural habit of “Greed to combine; forget to challenge“, the Dragon character Chen will push away the Dog character Xu, making it even easier to form Semi-Trio-Combination set with Horse character Wu. Thus, the effect of direct challenge between Dog character Xu and Dragon character Chen is vanished. As such, this Bazi became standard formation with strong Day Master which favors the elements of Fire, Wood and Water. However, this is incorrect unless the Dog character Xu is immediately beside Horse character Wu. The truth is…

The Semi-Trio-Combination set is unable to be formed due what we’d discussed above. As a result, the earth roots are actually full with massive earth and metal elements that able to further weaken the fire element of Horse character Wu; yet the Yang Wood Stem, Jia (甲) in hour pillar without rooting also brutally suffered from direct attack by Yang Metal Stem, Geng (庚) from all three other pillars. This had became what we called “Crashed and Rebuilt” extreme strong special formation. Hence, the useful god and favorite elements will definitely be Metal and Earth oriented but strongly dislike Fire. His current major luck period pillar and the pillar of year 2014 will cause vulnerable damage to his special Bazi formation which already caused inauspicious impact to him.

Do not believe and disagree? Immediately make a comparison with the given Purple Astrology Chart (ZiWei DouShu, 紫微斗数) if you understand.

 If you’re unable to identify the favorite elements in your own Bazi chart, try out the following:

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