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Bazi Case Study: A Bazi Chart You Will Never Get It Right !

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Bazi Chart

Recently, I only realized that I have not share anything about destiny analysis using Bazi Chart (Four Pillars chart). As you had already knew, Bazi is a Chinese Astrology commonly used in fortune telling and destiny analysis. In fact, I had receive many request, asking me to share some knowledge of Bazi or Four Pillars Analysis.

A decent and excellent Feng Shui Consultant should absolutely begin with mastering the skill of Bazi or Four Pillar completely. I’d met many fortune tellers and Feng Shui consultants who are definitely marvelous in branding and service commercialization but not in the strength of precision Bazi analysis.

I’ve seen so many beginners and astrology students in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China are able to master the comprehensive skill of Bazi and to be frank, they are much better than a lot of worldwide Feng Shui consultants.

Why? One of the reason is because majority of the worldwide Feng Shui consultants today are relying on software or web solutions to analyze the Bazi. However, the core mistake of them which you should not repeat and make is to ensure you really learn the full scope of Bazi analysis.

I had prepared a simple test, a test to testify whether you’d already mastered the full skills of Bazi/Four Pillars analysis. All of my students are able to identify and analyze this Bazi/ Four Pillars chart well. If you’re good in Bazi analysis, please go ahead to analyze the following Bazi:Bazi Chart

Based on your analysis on the above Bazi chart, can you able to tell:

  • What are the vital and favorite elements?
  • What are the displeasure elements?

This above Bazi chart was one of many thousands being shown on countless Chinese language forums, most of the “masters”, “consultants” and even “students” from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are able to evaluate this Bazi chart accurately and answer these two questions fast and sharp. I hope everyone can really learn something from analyzing this Bazi chart.

Will you able to do it?

Try it out yourself now!

Have fun trying!

HAUR Feng Shui Professional Bazi Analysis. will reveal the answers later…



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