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5 Major Mistakes Feng Shui Experts Frequently Made In Bazi Analysis

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In my previous post titled “Bazi Case Study: A Bazi You Will Never Get It Right !” I had shared a /Four Pillars chart and ran a simple test for 7 days to examine the Bazi analysis skill in of my subscribers and followers.

During these seven days, I had received more than 1000 feedback and answers via comment form, contact form, emails and social networking platform including Google+, Twitter and Tumblr. Among them, there are quite a numbers of famous Feng Shui Consultants/Celebrities who sent me the answers through Direct Message using Twitter.

If you can still remember, the Bazi Chart and the questions asked are as below:Bazi Case Study 1

  • What are the vital and favorite elements?
  • What are the displeasure elements?



There are total 1,055 answers received on the closing day via different channels. These answers were categorized into two groups.


About 98% of them gave the following answers:

  • Vital and favorite elements are: Earth and Metal.
  • Displeasure elements are: Water, Wood and Fire.


Meanwhile, about 2% of them answered the following:

  • Vital and favorite elements are: Water, Wood and Fire.
  • Displeasure elements are: Earth and Metal.   



The correct answers are… 

  • Vital and favorite elements are: Water, Wood and Fire.
  • Displeasure elements are: Earth and Metal.

Yes! You’re right! Only 2% or 21 persons got it right! 

Out of 21 persons, 15 were from China mainland and 6 were from Hong Kong.

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If you did not understand why you were unable to analyze this Bazi chart correctly, perhaps you were trained inappropriately under your mentors and without knowing the following five major and common mistakes in Bazi analysis many Feng Shui experts made.Stem and Root by Cheong Soon Haur

5 Major Mistakes In Bazi Analysis Feng Shui Experts Made

The following major mistakes are not new but always overlooked by many Feng Shui Experts. You can become a superior Bazi Analyst perhaps if you can avoid these mistakes.

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1. The Five Elements Must Reach Balance 

This is the most significant and the most common mistake! Many Bazi Analysts and Feng Shui Experts think that the core idea of analyzing Bazi or Four Pillars chart is to reach equilibrium in 5 elements (metal, water, wood, fire & earth).

The equilibrium theory in balancing five elements is only true provided that the Bazi chart falls into the standard formation. However, it is very often that the Bazi chart will fall under the category of special formation. In other word, these Bazi charts do not need to reach balance in 5 elements.

In my experience over thousands of real life clients’ Bazi charts, close to 60% of them are in the category of special Bazi formation.

Therefore, the probability of Bazi analysts or Feng Shui Experts to get wrong and inaccurate is very high if they aren’t aware to avoid this mistake.

2. The Insufficient/Missing Elements Are Your Favorite Elements

The moment you misstep into believing every Bazi chart should achieved balance in five elements, most likely you’ll misjudge the favorite elements in the Bazi chart as well. 

Often, regardless of having strong Day Master or weak Day Master, most people will try to look for the inadequate elements in consequent to discover the favorite elements whereas the overly existed elements will be deemed as displeasure elements.

Unfortunately, if the Bazi charts are not within the standard formation, this approach in identifying the favorite elements will be no longer valid. Later, the precision of the Bazi chart reading will be entirely compromised.

3. Weak Day Master Needs Producing & Companion Elements

The common practice in reading and analyzing a Bazi Chart to determine weak Day Master is by knowing that the numbers of  companion and producing elements are limited. When the Day Master is weak, usually the companion and producing elements to the Day Master will become the desirable elements for achieving good luck.

Just like the given example, it is a weak Day Master (weak Yang Metal) Bazi Chart. Many people will think the Yang Metal is weak and requires elemental helps by metal and earth. Though, they are unfortunately wrong because most likely they were  misled  by their mentors. The appropriate elements for the above example are water, wood and fire.

Therefore, not every Bazi Chart with weak Day Master favorites producing and companion elements.

4. Strong Day Master Needs Countering & Weakening Elements

Similar to the Mistake #3, people frequently will think that the favorite elements for Bazi Charts with strong Day Master necessitate weakening and countering elements to achieve balance in 5 elements. For instance, a strong Yin Wood Day Master needs to have countering element metal and weakening elements fire and earth.

However, in some special Bazi formation, restricting the strong Day Master’s element resulted inauspicious luck and experienced chaos problems.

Hence, not every Bazi Chart with strong Day Master welcomes countering and weakening elements.

5. There Are No Special Formation of Bazi Chart

There are many celebrity Feng Shui Experts while writing professional books and designing analyzing coaching courses, they always kept silence or the most only revealed a skin deep brief on special formation of Bazi Chart. Usually, there are only three reasons:

  1. They’re unaware of the numerous types of special formation in Bazi Chart.
  2. Learned but unable to master the special formation in Bazi chart, causing repeated failure in destiny analysis and doubted its existence and accuracy .
  3. Unable to master the special formation in Bazi chart, hence encountered difficulties in coaching.

Because of these reasons, many apprentices unable to learn or practice properly on the special formation of Bazi chart. Some Feng Shui Experts emphasized to their students the special formation in Bazi chart is irrelevant and defective, just stick back to the standard Bazi chart.

Some of them even worse, mentioned that the special formation of Bazi chart doesn’t even exist at all! We are very disappointed when we meet such Feng Shui Experts and the most deteriorating part is they become our mentor.

In fact, the special formation in Bazi Chart does exist! Many of the worldwide celebrities are having special formation of Bazi / Four Pillars Charts!

Donald Trump, Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt are very prominent good example of having special formation Bazi Charts! Their Bazi charts will be discussed in a later case study post.

The special formation of Chart actually plays an absolutely significant role in completing the Bazi analysis as a superior destiny analyzing tool. Whoever ignores the special formation basically is just having a half full glass. You can view it as a half empty glass provided you’re willing to accept and learn the special formations.

Lets look back to the given example, this Bazi Chart with Yang Metal Day Master is actually to be read as special formation and classified under the “Extreme Weak” category. Any producing or companion elements (earth & metal) in this Bazi Chart will just trigger the ferocious furies of all the strong countering and weakening elements (water, wood & fire). In return, caused turmoils and unfortunate events in every aspects respectively.

I had listed down all types of special Bazi Chart formations in “ 17 Special Formations of Bazi Chart You Must Know To Become A Pro “. You’ll find them very useful and astonishingly enlightening.

Finally, in case you experienced your chart is not accurate or not in accordance with your real life experience, pay a visit to HAUR Feng Shui® Professional Bazi Analysis.

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May the great lucks always be with you..




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