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17 Special Formations of Bazi Chart You Must Know To Become A Pro

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The are many among us are always interested to know our own destiny. As a result, people are looking for tools that able to reveal their futures and provide guidance in long life planning. Not to deny, Four Pillars or Bazi analysis in Chinese is one of the very few but prominent and sound tool to accomplish the said desires.

Today, there are countless individuals are learning Four Pillars or Bazi Analysis either for own use or for earning profits. Most of the people knows the basic in Bazi Analysis such as the relationship between the five elements, plotting the chart and luck period, perform the combination analysis of the stems and roots.

Though, majority of them are still in the position of practicing and are lagging to become a professional Bazi Analyst. In other words, the sharpness and accuracy in quickly identifying the required elements in the Four Pillars chart in order to provide effective advices are foggy.

One of the very main reason is because they are unable to identify the Special Formation of Bazi Chart.

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I had shared the information on the Special Formation in Bazi Charts. We must understand that it is very important to identify the Special Formation in Bazi Charts because there are more than 50% chances to meet such type of Bazi Chart! In addition, people who owned a Special Chart Formation will have higher probabilities in attaining success.

Many Feng Shui Consultants or Bazi Analyst claimed that these Special Formation of Bazi Chart are just another categorizing method, nothing much difference compared with the Standard Formation of Bazi Chart.

I totally disagree with the above statement. The Special Formation of Bazi Chart is special in term of their volatility characteristic. In other words, individuals with special Bazi Chart rise sound and sharp during the auspicious luck period whereas falls drastically as well during inauspicious luck period.

Furthermore, as mentioned in “5 Major Mistakes Feng Shui Experts Frequently Made In Bazi Analysis”, many celebrities indeed are having Special Formation of Bazi Chart. For instance, Donald Trump, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Mark Zuckerberg are all having Special Bazi Chart Formation.

The 4 Major Categories of Special Bazi Formation


Mainly, there are 4 major categories of Special Formations in Bazi Charts: “Extreme Strong”, “Extreme Weak”, ” Qi Transformation” and “Dominant Element” . These 4 categories comprised of 17 Special Formation of Bazi Chart.

1. Extreme Strong

Extreme Strong Woman

There are 3 types of extreme strong Bazi Chart:

  1. Obey The Strong™ (Obey The Mother)
  2. Obey The Auspicious™ (Obey The Siblings) 
  3. Mother-Me In One Heart™

2. Extreme Weak

The extreme weak category consisted the following Special Bazi Formation:

  1. Obey The Son™
  2. Obey The Money™
  3. Obey The Officer™
  4. Obey The Leader™/Environment


3. Qi Transformation  

Qi transformation is a Bazi Chart that the original element of Day Master will be changed when the determining criteria is met . There are total 5 types:

  1. Earth Qi Transformation
  2. Metal Qi Transformation
  3. Water Qi Transformation
  4. Wood Qi Transformation
  5. Fire Qi Transformation

4. Dominant Element

The Dominant Element Bazi formation is relatively rare but extraordinary special. The extraordinary here means they enjoyed even higher peak when in auspicious luck period while lower tough during deteriorate luck period.

There are 5 Dominant Element formation:

  1. Curl-Straight™ (CS)
  2. Flame-Up™ (FU)
  3. Plow-Harvest™ (PH)
  4. Obey-Change™ (OC)
  5. Moist-Down™ (MD)

Of course, there are much more other special formation such as “Double God Faces”, “Body-Killer Double Standing”, “Horse Riding Money”, etc. However, those are very odd and rarely occur. Therefore, mastering the above 17 special formation of Bazi charts will definitely sufficient for anyone to become a sounded professional Bazi/Four Pillars Analyst of Chinese .

How To Analyze?

This article: ” Bazi Chart Case Study: How To Know A Special Formation of Bazi Chart ? ” shows you how to recognize a special Bazi formation.

To learn the powerful skills in quickly recognizing any type of charts and the useful elements for auspicious lucks, kindly contact us HERE.

In case you experienced your Bazi chart is not accurate or not in accordance with your real life experience, check whether your Bazi is a special formation nor not HERE .

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May the great lucks always be with you..




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