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April 2014 News Updates

April 04

We had a busy month in March. Many on-site & off-site audits were conducted. Most of our clients requested Feng Shui audit with Five Ghost Carry Money enhancement. As we announced before, years 2014 – 2017 are the only great years left in so called Period 8 for applying the real Five Ghost Carry Money Method. We admitted that we’re expensive but you must always understand, high cost will be paid off by ultra high returns!

Last month, if you follow all the Feng Shui celebrities’ announcement whom had many hundred thousands of Facebook followers, they mainly predicted wrongly the final destination of #MH370, particularly using the “Qi Men Dun Jia” (Mystery Gate Primary Escape Method). Once again, we had accurately predicted the final destination of #MH370 and outperformed them by using the origin of all Chinese Astrology – #YiJing (or #I-Ching), as you can read further below or in our Facebook page and Twitter page. As such, we received countless attacks from their practitioners and students in Facebook groups, just to protect their fame.

May the auspicious Qi always be with you!

March 17

One March 11, we received a lot of requests asking us to predict where is the missing aircraft #MH370. At that moment, already countless of Feng Shui consultants and practitioners used “Miracle Door Prediction” (Qi Men Dun Jia) to make their guess. However, I was puzzled, wondered why does people use Qi Men Dun Jia for this? Perhaps some bad influences of new launched products by someone famous celebrities I bet. We utilized Yi Jing (or I-Ching) to predict the location of aircraft #MH370. The Gua (Hexagram) we obtained was ‘Vanishing Brightness’ (地火明夷) with Kun Trigram on Top and Li Trigram below. We will share with you on this in our upcoming article. The following are our posting on Facebook and Twitter: 

MH370 Prediction for blog

MH370 from twitter

March 09

After the gloomy tragedy happened in KunMing railway station, just a week later MH370 incident had draw our attentions and fears again. While everyone prays and wishes for the best outcome, we should always appreciate our every moment with family and friends. As life is so uncertain, the importance of destiny analysis is escalating rapidly all over the world. 

March 04 

Is March! We had gone through a very busy but enjoyable February. Many things happened; many places were inspected; many people were being observed; and many valuable contents are going to be shared!

We had improved our new layout and product listing. Also, we’re in the progress of enhancing the media and content of all our articles. You may find new information and medias in the same blog post you’d read so many times.


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