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2015 News Updates


To many people, August was an incredible heart breaking month. Their heart mostly went inside out then outside in. Not only the paint of improved global economy fading, but the black Friday and black Money had also visited our world consecutively and doomed the financial markets upside down then downside up evilly.
Most of the investors worldwide had burnt their fortunes and wealth snowballed since 2012 just in last month, except our subscribers who took on HAUR Feng Shui ® 2015 Privilege Advice. Many new inquiries had came to us, asking about any Feng Shui method to resist global financial crisis and withstand their fortune for at least until end of 2017. 
Since complete and comprehensive Feng Shui solution is not what these group of clients are looking for, we had now offer a special and unique solution, which is the first and only solution in this market, specific for these group of clients – HAUR Feng Shui ® Protection Against Financial Crisis 2015 – 2017


If you think there is another global financial crisis mirror the great depression of 1929 is visiting us soon, please do not hesitate anymore. Make the right move while you’re still able to. Tornado and tsunami are fast and furious!
Meanwhile, many requests on us to resume the Yi Jing forecasting series. Plenty of insight information yeh? We’ll try our best as we’re really busy for our O2O services now. 

Our top-picked articles are:

“Xi JinPing #2 – The Rider Who Flies The Giant Elephant China”

Xi JinPing #1 – A Stunning Special Formation Of Face Reading

“6 Biggest Secrets Feng Shui Experts Failed To Create Wealth



“Jack Ma – Another Success Story of A Special Bazi Formation”


Jack Ma, Face Reading Feng Shui Celebrities Wrong Again!


MH17 MH370 Marked Evil Feng Shui of MAS Head Office?

MH17 MH370 MAS

useful god 5

Bazi Reading – Determine Your Useful God And Favorite Elements Quickly


HAUR Feng Shui horse

HAUR Feng Shui 2014 Setup For House And Office


Donald Trump Office

Billionaire Feng Shui For Successful Boss Series

 Our Famous Featured Products:

useful god

Useful God & Favorite Elements Determination For Your Bazi!


Five Ghost Carry Money Product Pic

HAUR Feng Shui’s Real Five Ghost Carry Money – Powerful Feng Shui To Generate Instant Money


Last month, we had many visits by our new clients from China. Most of them were particularly interested in our face-to-face Lifetime Bazi Analysis and HAUR Feng Shui® Permanent Effective Wealth Feng Shui Sector Determination & Setup™. Well, I can tell you that all of them had gone through many tremendous rounds of Bazi reading with many Feng Shui celebrities in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. When they came to us via introduction by appointment, most of them were intended to challenge us with hesitation.
Along with the progress of consultation, they begun to feel absolute satisfaction with our accuracy because we can tell many of the shameful secrets and private thoughts in their life. They were astonished that unbelievably there existed such a top-level but low profile Feng Shui master outside the China region. .
This month, we’re having many Feng Shui audits in China and Hong Kong. These audit are not educational and theoretical oriented but practical achievement committed. So, if we’re weak, we’re gone!
Some great and unique blog posts will be published soon. This month, there will be a lot of mastermind planning for worldwide economy, military, war, raw resources and financial which will cause great changes soon. A strong masculine leader will rise!
Meanwhile, the debris of MH370 are found near to the location as we predicted a year ago. If you’re interested in our unique services, you may contact us for further details.


Received many appreciation from our clients and subscribers, particularly full time investors who heavily invests in the financial market of China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. Our outlook on Greece perfectly matched the fact. You can contact us to subscribe our market outlook.
For a sneak peak, we can hint you that:” The China Stock market is not in turmoil or bear situation but just a panic correction…”. You may contact us to subscribe the details.

May 19

This month, we are sharing with you two special articles and both are all about China’s Chairman Xi JinPing.

In article: Xi JinPing #1 – A Stunning Special Formation Of Face Reading we stunt you by revealing the face & body analysis/reading of Chairman Xi JinPing. We think that almost nobody will know this.

In article: “Xi JinPing #2 – The Rider Who Flies The Giant Elephant China” we link the astrology aspect between Chairman Xi JinPing, China and the One Belt One Road Strategy Framework.

Enjoy and have fun!


April 27 hereby sincerely express the deepest condolences to Nepal; to the unfortunate victims; and to their family members. Hope everyone walk over this soon.

A day before the Nepal earthquake incident took place, out of sudden the land around 1,000 feet in length along the coastal of Hokkaido, Japan had rose over 50 feet high in one day duration.

On the following day, the massive 8.1 magnitude earthquake stroke Nepal. Look at the following picture, definitely both incidents had some undiscovered correlations and connections.

Now, can you find the analogy and interconnection from the viewpoint of Feng Shui or astrology between these two incidents?


April 5 

Today is Qing Ming Festival, the marvelous effect of HAUR Feng Shui® Five Ghost Carry Money™ will take place for whoever had done the setup at least via HAUR Feng Shui® Advanced Analysis (Offsite)™. Today is also an important milestone demarcating a changing era, particularly in the global economics and financial markets as revealed in our HAUR Feng Shui® 2015 Prediction & Forecast. Today onward, South East Asia is the prominent attraction to the eyes of the world. Is due to the great performance of economic growth? Maybe is the lighting speed of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, AIIB establishment that stunts IMF & World Bank? Or perhaps the unexpected Season 2 of Asian Financial Crisis had just begun to be shown? We will share more insights with you when the time comes…. Contact us HERE if you need to purchase our forecast & prediction.

Finally, the long waited blog posts had just gone back live again!

Yes! we’d returned with another controversial articles titled:

6 Biggest Secrets Feng Shui Experts Failed To Create Wealth“.

This article revealed unique and useful information about our HAUR FENG SHUI ® Permenant Effective Wealth Feng Shui Sector Determination & Setup™ you might not realize and had received unexpected tremendous viewing traffics 24 hours after the initial posting. If you think it is worth for brainwashing or debating, please share out generously and spread limitless. 


March 18 

Today! FED is going to make some game changing announcement to the world! For those who had acquired our HAUR Feng Shui® 2015 Prediction & Forecast (already released FREE to VVIP), you already knew what is going to happen soon! Enjoy your investment! However, for those who has not obtain it but really interested can contact us HERE

The unexpected overwhelming client pools and audit travelings seemed had kept delaying my new release of blog posts. Not to be exaggerate but we must voice out the truth that our teams have been receiving sizable complains regarding their hungers of HAUR Feng Shui®‘s new blog posts.

We also have another problem here! 

Recently we received many purchase and also inquiries on HAUR FENG SHUI ® Permenant Effective Wealth Feng Shui Sector Determination & Setup™.

To feed “two goats with one paper” we’re going to publish a new blog post discussing about HAUR FENG SHUI ® Permenant Effective Wealth Feng Shui Sector Determination & Setup™.

Never forget! We’ll talk more about Jack Ma and Alibaba in our upcoming articles this year!


February 06 – “♠ HAUR-To-Fortunize-You™ ♠ Has Begun”

Happy Lunar New Year!

CHEONGSOONHAUR.COM & HAUR Feng Shui® wishing everyone has a healthier and more auspicious life in the year of Goat!

As we promised to quickly bring fortunes to everybody in the year of Goat, we decided to deliver you today our exclusive prosperous ♠ HAUR-To-Fortunize-You™ ♠ special offer until the end of March 5, 2015!

You can enjoy deep savings upon purchasing our selected featured products while your destiny is being fortunate and enhanced. This opportunity is limited and only last for ONE month! Please compare us with all other Feng Shui celebrities and decide wisely.  

Meanwhile, if you follow closely on the global news in political, economic, market and technology, perhaps you might find 2015 seems to be a very challenging year…

Hence, many Feng Shui master relates their 2015 Feng Shui & Astrology predictions toward the direction of how all those global events developing. In the current situation, more likely all sectors are bias to negative development. As such, you’re told generally there will be war in the world (almost every year there is at least a ‘war’ ), instability of economy, etc. but could they tell you “when and how will what happens at where? 

Is alright, we’ll give you more time… Please go to attend all the possible 2015 Feng Shui & Astrology Seminars or 2015 Feng Shui Extravaganzas worldwide. Then, come back here to compare, verify and obtain more insight details where we promise you ain’t get elsewhere.

Therefore, we’ll release our detailed exclusive HAUR Feng Shui® 2015 Prediction & Forecast soon!


January 20

Almost a month since the previous celebrations for Merry Christmas and 2015 New Year! However, we did not have much time for holidays because during that period, it was one of the most fantastically busy moment for our team. 

We were enthusiastic and enjoy working almost 24-7, serving our unexpected overwhelming new clients (70% of them were loyal followers and students to a few famous Feng Shui bestseller author before) who purchased our online products and on-site services.

Before you go to any Feng Shui Extravaganza 2015, try to study back what had those Feng Shui masters predicted in 2014 in theirs seminars or television programs. Please don’t give yourselves any excuses and hypnotize yourselves they are still worth your follow even if they had inaccurately predicted what happened in 2014!

As promised, we’ll release our HAUR Feng Shui® 2015 Prediction & Forecast soon!


December 22

Has been a while we never chat here. We’d achieved another unbelievable chapter as 2014 is coming to the end. We are kind a surprise, since last month we’d received unexpected overwhelming acquisition of our professional services. Our team almost working 24-7 helping me to fulfill all our beloved clients’ needs. Thus, many readers will be very disappointed as we are gonna release our new blog post in 2015. We take this grand opportunities to thank all our supporters and followers for your great loyalty and courage to challenge the false Feng Shui knowledge rooted everywhere for thousands years.

If you’d already bored with the inaccurate Flying Stars Annual Feng Shui Analysis by all the self-esteemed celebrities for many years while unable to find better substitutes, you might have a chance for great way-out now!

This is the time! We have a good news here for you!

We’ll release our HAUR Feng Shui® 2015 Analysis soon!

Please be patient and stay tuned!

Never forget! We’ll talk more about Jack Ma and Alibaba in our upcoming articles!

May the Auspicious Qi Always be with you! 

Ah! One more thing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


November 13

At last, the long-waited article about Jack Ma’s Bazi analysis is published! You must not miss this article: 

“Jack Ma – Another Success Story of A Special Bazi Formation”

If you’d already bored with the inaccurate Flying Stars Annual Feng Shui Analysis by all the self-esteemed celebrities for many years while unable to find better substitutes, you might have a chance for great way-out now!

This is the time! We have a good news here for you!

We’ll release our HAUR Feng Shui® 2015 Analysis soon!

Please be patient and stay tuned!

Never forget! We’ll talk more about Jack Ma and Alibaba in our upcoming articles!

May the Auspicious Qi Always be with you! 


October 13

Yesterday, when we first release our new post about Jack Ma, titled “Jack Ma, Face Reading Celebrities Wrong Again!” our website had gone viral again!

Many Feng Shui idols or celebrities unable to read Jack Ma’s face correctly and decode his success parallel to his face! However, our unique HAUR Feng Shui®’s Face Reading technique able to to this! Quickly click on the following picture to read the relevant article now!

This month! We’re gonna continue talk about Jack Ma even further from different astrology’s perspective. Nowadays, we’re extremely busy on a serial of business arrangement. In short, we’re just gonna say to you: “Stay tuned!”

May the Auspicious Qi Always be with you! 

September 3

Firstly, thanks for everyone who inquired for our coaching. If you were not chosen, please follow what has been advised accordingly!

Meanwhile, it took us a little bit more time to complete a featured Feng Shui case study blog post, written with around 2,500 words. Yes! our latest exclusive featured blog post this month is about the Feng Shui of Malaysia Airlines System Berhad which lost flight MH370 and flight MH17! This article is written in a simple way and full of factual information so everybody can understand and learn from it easily. 

Unlike other Feng Shui blogs which mostly translating Feng Shui theories and add personal hypothesis into them, rather than discussing the mysterious theories (mostly inaccurate and not working properly) we better study on the actual Feng Shui cases and their factual results that everyone can witness.


August 8

It was another unexpected busy month for us in July, we have to share all our promised new post and topics only in this month. However, once again our Yi Jing prediction had gone viral for sharing because of the  accurately and outstanding methodology used incomparable by other Feng Shui masters. If you’d missed it, here is the post:

2014 Financial Crisis? (Part 4/6): The Tofu Presser

Tofu Presser cheongsoonhaur

July 2

We had accomplished what we called “the missions impossible” for non-stop HAUR Feng Shui® Offsite Analysis With Five Ghost Carry Money™ Enhancement service sold last month. A long with that, our super luxury expensive HAUR Feng Shui® On Site Audit also out of sudden became popular in worldwide, received many advance bookings up to six months. We think it must be all those famous Feng Shui methods such as Qi Men Dun Jia, Xuang Kong Flying Stars, Xuan Kong Da Gua, San He Feng Shui and Eight Mansions Feng Shui applied by all the famous Feng Shui celebrities now are not achieving results at all! Right!? Our involvement in revitalization of a few mixed property development worldwide had concurred the strength of HAUR Feng Shui® and proven all those market famous Feng Shui methods are imperfect and mischievous.

It has been all the time we receiving countless of inquiries and reservations for HAUR Feng Shui® Coaching. However, so far we only coach students who decided to become a true professional Haur Feng Shui® Master. This coaching policy is still unchangeable because we have the ultimate responsibility to ensure the quality and distribution of our unique original HAUR Feng Shui®. We do no want to mass produce like others, and yet they’re mass producing false Feng Shui methodologies which we do not encourage at all.

This month, we’re going to present you a few blog post and Feng Shui topics that you’d never read before! Stay tuned!!!

May the auspicious Qi always be with you!

June 10

Last few weeks were extremely busy for us! Unexpectedly we are surprised to be acknowledged by public in a rocket pace beyond our conservative expectation. Many new clients signed up for our HAUR Feng Shui® Offsite Analysis With Five Ghost Carry Money™ Enhancement via the worth of mouth by their friends or families who are already our loyal clients and followers.

As we had mentioned very early, 2014 is one of the best year to apply this great wealthy feng shui. If you’re currently experiencing uncertainties in results or taken too much waiting time for manifestation by using San He Feng Shui, Xuan Kong Flying Star Feng Shui, Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG), Qi Men Dun Jia (QMDJ), Eight Mansions, Qian Kun Guo Bao (QKGB), and Cross Road Yin Yang, perhaps you should consider the unique feng shui school – HAUR Feng Shui® and its founder Cheong Soon Haur now!

Since our practical Feng Shui knowledge is unique and not being understood fully by other Feng Shui schools, is a norm we often being the aim of bullets fired by others primarily from San He schools and XKDG schools. We always looking to help more people rather than respond to them because we do not see them as our challengers although they felt threatened many times.

Whoever, chosen to come to us by anyway, we think you’re getting into auspicious luck!

May the auspicious Qi always be with you!  

May 22

Last evening, Google alerted us there were several scam websites were built using CheongSoonHaur and HAUR Feng Shui®. We are excited and surfed through those sties, they were mainly built on free blogging services (using Amazing! Those websites really trying to disgrace or discredit the reputation of and our unique HAUR Feng Shui®. The way they wrote were absolutely fantastic drama via the tone of self-esteeming us! Though, anyone can easily notice those were forged content with strong abuse intention.We do not surprise this incident to be happened because we’d prepared for it when we thought of publishing our latest post titled: Feng Shui Case Study: Faulty Audit & Cure By A Famous Feng Shui Celebrity Ruined A Corporation Of course, we know who is behind all these scams and attacks. We choose not to react on their attacks because we believe Yin and Yang. We ‘revealed people faults’ (Yang) so “people revenge on us” (Yin). Again! We do not intend to offence anyone but our publications and postings are for case study purposes. We’ll keep on publishing our evaluation on incorrect Feng Shui method or Feng Shui analysis in the coming days. Meanwhile, our followers always crystal clear that is the only official webpage and blog by Cheong Soon Haur & HAUR Feng Shui® Thank you!

May 06

The real HAUR’s Five Ghost Carry Money Feng Shui™ is extremely sensitive to time factor and strictly rely on accurate timing to activate it! Appropriate setting up with precise timing will trigger unexpected wealth opportunities within 100 days (no other Feng Shui master dare to commit this but us!). There is not much time left in 2014 to successfully trigger the unbelievable HAUR’s Five Ghost Carry Money Feng Shui. Also, only HAUR’s unique date selection method can trigger it!

Cheong Soon Haur’s Five Ghost Carry Money Feng Shui is a very unique practical method which not yet been revealed by any books in the market. Almost all of the Feng Shui celebrities you are familiar with (including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia) does not know this actual method at all but treat this as a scam. Most of them who declared mastered the Five Ghost Carry Money Feng Shui is actually using the inaccurate “Fan Gua” (flipping hexagram) method. Also, the popular commonly used date selection method by most of the Feng Shui celebrities is not strong enough for proper Feng Shui setup! Find out more details from us now!

April 04

We had a busy month in March. Many on-site & off-site audits were conducted. Most of our clients requested Feng Shui audit with Five Ghost Carry Money enhancement. As we announced before, years 2014 – 2017 are the only great years left in so called Period 8 for applying the real Five Ghost Carry Money Method. We admitted that we’re expensive but you must always understand, high cost will be paid off by ultra high returns!

Last month, if you follow all the Feng Shui celebrities’ announcement whom had many hundred thousands of Facebook followers, they mainly predicted wrongly the final destination of #MH370, particularly using the “Qi Men Dun Jia” (Mystery Gate Primary Escape Method). Once again, we had accurately predicted the final destination of #MH370 and outperformed them by using the origin of all Chinese Astrology – #YiJing (or #I-Ching), as you can read further below or in our Facebook page and Twitter page. As such, we received countless attacks from their practitioners and students in Facebook groups, just to protect their fame.
May the auspicious Qi always be with you!

March 17

One March 11, we received a lot of requests asking us to predict where is the missing aircraft #MH370. At that moment, already countless of Feng Shui consultants and practitioners used “Miracle Door Prediction” (Qi Men Dun Jia) to make their guess. However, I was puzzled, wondered why does people use Qi Men Dun Jia for this? Perhaps some bad influences of new launched products by someone famous celebrities I bet. We utilized Yi Jing (or I-Ching) to predict the location of aircraft #MH370. The Gua (Hexagram) we obtained was ‘Vanishing Brightness’ (地火明夷) with Kun Trigram on Top and Li Trigram below. We will share with you on this in our upcoming article. The following are our posting on Facebook and Twitter: 

MH370 Prediction for blog

MH370 from twitter

March 09

After the gloomy tragedy happened in KunMing railway station, just a week later MH370 incident had draw our attentions and fears again. While everyone prays and wishes for the best outcome, we should always appreciate our every moment with family and friends. As life is so uncertain, the importance of destiny analysis is escalating rapidly all over the world. 

March 04 

Is March! We had gone through a very busy but enjoyable February. Many things happened; many places were inspected; many people were being observed; and many valuable contents are going to be shared!

We had improved our new layout and product listing. Also, we’re in the progress of enhancing the media and content of all our articles. You may find new information and medias in the same blog post you’d read so many times.




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