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2015 News Updates


Received many appreciation from our clients and subscribers, particularly full time investors who heavily invests in the financial market of China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other ASEAN countries. Our outlook on Greece perfectly matched the fact. You can contact us to subscribe our market outlook.
For a sneak peak, we can hint you that:” The China Stock market is not in turmoil or bear situation but just a panic correction…”. You may contact us to subscribe the details.

Our top-picked articles are:

“Xi JinPing #2 – The Rider Who Flies The Giant Elephant China”

Xi JinPing #1 – A Stunning Special Formation Of Face Reading

“6 Biggest Secrets Feng Shui Experts Failed To Create Wealth



“Jack Ma – Another Success Story of A Special Bazi Formation”


Jack Ma, Face Reading Feng Shui Celebrities Wrong Again!


MH17 MH370 Marked Evil Feng Shui of MAS Head Office?

MH17 MH370 MAS

useful god 5

Bazi Reading – Determine Your Useful God And Favorite Elements Quickly


HAUR Feng Shui horse

HAUR Feng Shui 2014 Setup For House And Office


Donald Trump Office

Billionaire Feng Shui For Successful Boss Series

 Our Famous Featured Products:

useful god

Useful God & Favorite Elements Determination For Your Bazi!


Five Ghost Carry Money Product Pic

HAUR Feng Shui’s Real Five Ghost Carry Money – Powerful Feng Shui To Generate Instant Money



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